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Class Schedules / Textbooks

All returning students (and parents) have access to courses for next year in Aeries under the ‘Classes’ tab. Please log in to Aeries and review these classes ASAP for accuracy. Please contact Counseling should you have any questions or concerns before July 23rd at 714-774-7575 x1134 or email Hilary Recknor, Assistant Principal of Counseling, at Please remember that only changes caused by computer or human error may be granted. Even though we made every effort to grant the course requests your son made last Spring, one or more electives may have changed due to scheduling conflicts. Also, please be aware that Priory and athletic assignments have not yet been finalized. Please do not contact your son's assigned counselor as they are not in the office over the summer and will not be able to help. The counseling office will be closed from July 29th through August 5th.

All new students and parents (incoming Class of 2023 and transfers) will have access only through the parent's account on Aeries. You will need to use your login credentials that were automatically sent to you from the Aeries system. If you did not receive an email, or forgot your password, simply click the "Forgot Password?" on the login screen and follow the prompts. Use the email that you inputted when you registered your son. If the system does not recognize any email you enter, please contact the office at 714-774-7575 x1170 to verify the email address on your account.

Textbook ordering instructions and lists are available for reference below.

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Forms & Policies


Servite Library

  • Search Servite's Online Catalog for materials to check out from our Library.
  • Explore Databases for articles, documents or primary resources.
  • Find general guidance and assistance for a specific subject or assignment under Resources by Subject.

Telephone: 714-774-7575 extension 1638

Normal Library Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Students and parents are always welcome! * Note that the library is sometimes closed with little or no notice for teachers' meetings, AP exams and other special events.

For information about policies like check-out terms, printing services, etc., refer to the Library Policies Page.

Faith & Formation

Christian Service

Christian Service is an integral part of the Servite experience and our mission. Servite High School, rooted in the Catholic faith and based on the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary, forms faith-filled leaders by developing the whole student - body, soul, intellect, and will. Through a deliberate process of formation that recognizes parents as the primary educators, Servite High School intentionally provides a comprehensive student experience that includes a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, liturgical and service experiences, and team-based activities. Servite exposes its students to the discovery of truth which enlightens the proper use of the will resulting in young men impassioned by faith, tempered by rationalism, and committed to the service of those in need.

Service Verification form (PDF)

Christian Service Program Requirements

It is required that every young man perform a minimum of 100 service hours over the course of his four years.

All service hours performed, with the exception of Her Servants Kitchen and Faley Games, must be turned in on a completed service hour form. The forms can be downloaded here and from the Servite High School website (which is, under the Faith and Service tab, then click on Christian Service).

The Christian Service Verification Form must be filled out by the student. The organization must sign and date it at the bottom. The form must then be scanned and submitted into Aeries.

Valid service must be performed through an organization or agency and have contact information. It cannot be done through a personal contact, such as babysitting for a neighbor or helping your grandparents move. This is great service, but not accepted as valid service for our purposes.

Christian Service forms can be turned in any time during that school year. However, please still make an effort to submit forms in a timely manner. THERE IS NO LONGER A RULE THAT SERVICE FORMS MUST BE TURNED IN 30 DAYS FROM THE TIME OF SERVICE. We recommend they follow the suggested hours of 30 hours Freshman year, 30 hours Sophomore year, 20 hours Junior year and 20 hours Senior year. If this is followed, then it is easier to get all 100 hours done. However, if a student goes way above and beyond those hours every year, that’s great.

If you ever have a question please contact Campus Ministry at 1138.

Inputting Service Hours and Service Organizations

How to Input Service Hours

  1. Go to student Aeries.
  2. Go to Student Info.
  3. Service Learning.
  4. Select the Organization.
  5. The page is for the Service Learning Recipient. Make sure supervisor’s name and email are correct. Enter the Start Date and End Date correctly. This is the date range of when you are working with this organization.
  6. Complete the Service Reflection section. Reflection must be meaningful, complete, and well developed and comprise of 4-8 sentences.
  7. Go to Service Learning Log (tab next to Service Learning Recipient).
  8. Log in the date and hours you completed the service, as well as a description of the service performed in the Service Description box. This is essentially your “time card” to log in each of your hours for this particular organization. Submit the hours.
  9. Select “Upload.” You will attach a file of your signed Service Form which will have your site supervisor’s signature. This file can be either a scanned document or a picture taken on your phone (if you have a smartphone).
  10. You will be notified in Aeries each time your hours are either approved or denied.

Those students who do not meet their total number of required hours will not receive their diploma.


Adding A New Service Organization

  1. Login to your student Aeries (NOT Parent Account).
  2. Navigate to Student Info, then Service Learning Organizations to see approved service sites. You may complete service at these sites immediately.
  3. If you would like to complete service at an organization that is not listed, you may request approval for this organization. Go to Service Learning: and click ADD new service learning recipient. Use search bar at the top.
  4. Verify that the recipient site is not already listed.
  6. Enter name of organization.
  7. You will then be prompted to add in all the information for the site (address, name of supervisor, email).
  8. You do NOT need to fill out a Start Date, End Date, and Service Reflection for the approval of a new site until the organization is approved.
  9. The request for a new organization will be sent to Campus Ministry for approval and you will be able to see the approval in Aeries.
  10. If request is denied, you will be notified through Aeries.

Work Study


Work Study Students
All Financial Aid students are considered Work Study Interns and are expected to work a total of 40 hours per year in the various job sites under Trinity Corporation.

Failure to Work Hours
Failure to complete work study hours could affect future financial aid awards. Seniors who fail to complete will not receive their diploma at graduation and must make arrangements with the business office to obtain a release

Definition of Work Study Hours
Work Study Hours are not the same as Campus Ministry Service Hours and are booked separately and may not be credited twice. Work Study hours are primarily on campus, and working for Trinity Corp enterprises. Campus Ministry Service Hours are primarily working off campus in churches, parishes, the community, with the homeless, and are considered "corporal works of mercy" with no personal gain or compensation.

Non-Work Study Students
A limited number of students, not on financial aid, are admitted to the program in September. These students are allowed to work no more than 100 hours at a rate of $8.50 per hour for a total of $850. Parents are not allowed to participate. Non-Work Study students who would like to participate should email Peter DeGrood to discuss at

Intern Office Location
The Intern office is located in the priory building. The Intern office hours are 3-4pm every school day. Summer hours will vary.

Contact:  Tupou Pau'u, Director of Food Services and Trinity Corp Leadership at

Key Information

All job sites and work are posted on our online manager called YourVolunteers. You will need to contact the Human Resources team in order to register and begin work. Contact Michael Madrigal at

Parents can create their own sign up using the home email following the instructions listed below. Please be aware that jobs specified for student only may not be worked by a parent. Remember, parents are not required to work any hours. It is a gift to your son if you choose to do so.


  • Follow this link ( and click "Register" at the bottom of the page
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Register and click "Login Now!"
  • Students must use an email they check frequently.
  • Students may not use their parents email.
  • Sign in and select "Trinity Corporation Work Study Program"
  • Scroll to the top and click "Main" then "Dashboard"
  • Accept the Terms of Service
  • Signing up for a Shift
  • Click "Shifts" and go to "Scheduled Shifts by Calendar" for a calendar view
  • Click the preferred day to work
  • Click "Select" on the preferred job and then "Add"

You are now signed up and ready to go for the YourVolunteer website. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

There is a two-day grace period after the close of a month to authenticate or dispute the totals. Interns are expected to present their dispute in person to the Personnel Office. All hours are posted to the Student Portal monthly.

All workers are instructed to meet the Facilities Team in the patio of the Campus Store. A grace period of 15 minutes will be allowed before the worker will be designated as a "no show."

All intern hours are submitted and verified by signed and totaled time cards. Interns are expected to verify their hours personally each month. Failure to submit a time card correctly, with totaled hours and signature of authentication at the end of each month period will result in a rejected time card. Interns and their parents are contacted by email each month notifying them of the failure to perform proper procedure.

Interns who are interested in working more than 40 hours must apply after they have completed their 40 hours. An interview will be conducted, the intern must maintain a 3.5 GPA and have not received any disciplinary notations during that school year. No additions to the program will be made after the third quarter. The cap for hours is 235 hrs per school year. This program is not recommended for freshmen due to workload freshmen year.

Contact Numbers

Servite Main Office:

Counseling Office:
714.774.7575 x1134

Athletic Office:

714.774.7575 x1116