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Work Study Students

All Financial Aid students are considered Work Study Interns and are expected to work the hours assigned per year in the various job sites under Trinity Corporation. Work study hours are primarily worked on the Servite campus by supporting Servite events and activities, working in the Retail store, working in the Kitchen or assisting the Facilities team keeping the campus clean. Starting in the 2020/2021 school year the work study hours will be assigned based on the amount of financial aid received per student as follows:

$1 to $3,000 = 10 hours
$3,001 to $6,000 = 20 hours
$6,001 to $10,000 = 30 hours
$10,001 and up = 40 hours 

Students that have deficient  hours from previous school years still owe the amount assigned from the previous years. 

Failure to Work Hours

Failure to complete work study hours could affect future financial aid awards. Seniors who fail to complete will not receive their diploma at graduation and must make arrangements with the business office to obtain a release.

Definition of Work Study Hours

Work Study Hours are not the same as Campus Ministry Service Hours and are booked separately and may not be credited twice. Work Study hours are primarily on campus, and working for Trinity Corp enterprises. Campus Ministry Service Hours are primarily working off campus in churches, parishes, the community, with the homeless, and are considered "corporal works of mercy" with no personal gain or compensation.

Registering and Signing Up for Shifts

All new students in the work study program will need to register and create a profile here:

register for the work study program


Once you have registered for your work study profile you may log in and sign up for available shifts here:

work study login


To view available shifts, click on the Opportunity tab in your profile to see a list of available shifts. A description of who to meet  and where to report will appear when you click on a shift to view it. When you find a shift that you want to do, make sure to click the Sign up button on the bottom right and it will be added to your schedule.

After you complete a shift, your hours worked will be verified and logged automatically. Your profile will show you how many hours you have completed. Follow the directions in your profile to view how many hours you owe and what shifts you have signed up for.

Parents Hours

Parents of students fitting the following criteria are allowed to assist their sons with a portion of their hours but are not required to do so:

  • Students assigned 30 hours, parents can assist with up to 10 hours.
  • Students assigned 40 hours, parents can assist with up to 20 hours.

Opportunities for parents to assist with hours come up at different times throughout the year and will be announced via the different school communications. If there is an opportunity that you want to sign up for, your son will be able to sign in to his profile and find available parent shifts. You will sign up for shifts through your son's profile and your hours will automatically be logged and credited to your son once verified. The biggest opportunity for parents to complete hours every year is the Christmas Tree Sale in December, information for available shifts will be sent out in November. Remember, parents are not required to work any hours. It is a gift to your son if you choose to do so.

Advisor: Scott Kahler 99’ Email: