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Team 3309 Friarbots aims to form proficient STEM leaders while competing at the highest level in the FIRST and VEX robotics programs. Students develop skills such as leadership, design, 3D printing, CAD, programming, woodworking, metalworking, laser cutting, and much more in a passionate, student-driven environment. We provide opportunities for community outreach, parent involvement, hands-on training, mentorship, and partnership with sponsors resulting in a close-knit and highly competitive robotics team. The Friarbots are one of two teams in the OC area that have a full-size regulation practice field and they allow other teams to utilize the space. Sponsors such as Boeing, Google, Raytheon, and Ganahl Lumber, equip the team with funding, mentorship, and materials improving the team's capabilities. New students may participate with no prior experience needed. For more information please visit

Mission Statement

To inspire students to develop STEM skills in an enthusiastic, student-driven environment through community outreach and partnerships with sponsors to build a fully functioning, competitive robot and inspire future STEM leaders.

Upcoming Events

  • 03/01/24 - 03/03/24 - Silicon Valley Regional
  • 03/14/24-03/16/24 - Arizona Valley Regional
  • 03/28/24-03/30/24 - Orange County Regional