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Dances & Socials

Servite High School and its sister school, Rosary Academy, come together for dances & socials, creating a close-knit family atmosphere filled with celebration and togetherness.


  • Welcome Back
  • Homecoming
  • Winter Formal
  • Spring Fest
  • MORP
  • Prom

SOCIALS & Activities

  • Every 15 Minutes
  • Freshman Welcome Picnic
  • Junior High Retreats
  • PAL
  • Senior Grad Night

Rules & Guidelines

A Dance pass is no longer required from a Servite student. When purchasing tickets online for you and your guests, please download the guest pass or see Ms. Nellesen in room 110 for a guest pass. All guests must have the form completed and turned in to Ms. Nellesen no later than October 10th. All students who are a guest must obtain a guest pass if they are not a Rosary/Servite student. Guests must have their form signed by a parent, and the school administrator must sign and attach their school business cards.



  • Tuxes
  • Suits, Ties, Jackets, Dress Shirts, Dress Pants
  • Turtlenecks are allowed with a jacket.  
  • Shoes must be clean and presentable.
  • Hair must be neat and well-groomed.

Students are responsible for sharing the dress code information with their guests.

LADIES: DRESSES MUST BE KNEE LENGTH and according to Catholic Christian values.

  • No slits
  • No dresses with high thigh slit or low back.
  • No cut-outs or transparent fabrics that reveal the stomach, 
  • No undergarments of any kind may show at any point. 
  • Strapless formal dresses are allowed.
  • No low-cut dresses
  • No bare midriff, crop top, or backless dresses allowed.
  • All necklines and backlines must be modest. 
  • No flip-flops or bare feet allowed. (Bring flats shoes)
  • Hair must be neat and well-groomed.
  • All students should dress modestly and appropriately.