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Servite's clubs and activities are testimony that our young  Friars are passionate about an expansive list of topics. These groups offer Servite students the opportunity to collaborate with their brothers on their many different passions. Download a copy of this list of clubs here.


Academic Decathlon

Academic Decathlon is a rigorous, challenging extracurricular activity that prepares a team of students to compete in ten academic subjects against other teams in Orange County.  Teams consist of students from all GPA levels.  This club is not for the academically faint-hearted!  It is guaranteed to enrich and intellectually strengthen all who dare to participate.

Kieran Scott


The purpose of this club is to tutor and/or provide school supplies for underprivileged school aged children.

John Macwillie

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

This club is one which promotes  academic recognition of the Servite Scholar and peer assistance to other members and students. Students are given recognition at graduation based upon the number of semesters of active club membership.  Applicants must maintain a 3.5 GPA for the previous semester and reapply each semester.  Activities include peer tutoring, community partnership with elementary schools and community service projects.

Andrea Valenzuela


This club teaches members tips and strategies to increase their skill level.

John Macwillie

Classical Language and History Society

This club will discuss classical literature, history and philosophy of the classical period.

Padraic Emparan

FilM Club

This club will show films which encourage conversations in a social setting. Film club is open to all grade levels. 

Chris Nguyen

Hockey Club

The Servite Ice Hockey Club Team allows hockey players who attend Servite High School this opportunity to represent their school while playing the sport that they love. The team is open to all grade levels.

Mike Marshall

International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society is an Honor Society for students involved in Theatre Arts. Meetings are held after school once a month. Thespians attend the California State and International Festivals annually. There is also a Junior Thespian Division directed by Jeanne Nellesen ( which includes junior high students from local schools.

Frankie Marrone

Investment Club

The purpose of this club is to introduce students to the basics of investing, how the stock market works, how to research investments and develop investment criteria. This club will provide practical investment experience with either made-up portfolio or getting started with your own investment account.

Deena Kennedy

Junior Statesmen of America (JSA)

Junior Statesmen of America is a non- partisan political club which devotes its time to area conferences, on-campus guest speakers, one-day seminars, and weekend conventions. Students have exposure to politics and may attend summer schools at Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, and others, as well as symposiums in Los Angeles and Sacramento.  Elected officers and positions are available in the State and Region.

Roxanne Barrera

Barbara Messerle

Key Club

This group is comprised of students from all grade levels. Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International and donates its time and energy to community service projects throughout Orange County.

Amy Torres


This club allows students to share music with each other and discuss popular bands and artists. 

Dennis Flanagan

National Honor Society (NHS)

The NHS Chapter at Servite High School serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character.  Membership challenges students to develop themselves through active involvement in school activities and community service. Students must be cooperative, demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability, show courtesy, concern,  respect for others, and generally maintain a good, clean healthy lifestyle.

Andrea Valenzuela


PAL works to plan and operate campaigns throughout the year with the purpose of educating students, covering topics such as substance abuse, suicide, depression and related mental health concerns. PAL serves to provide peer mediation and conflict resolution.

Oscar Gonzalez

Power sports

This club will meet to educate and form a community on campus focused on power sports and the automotive industry. 

Denise Campbell


This club provides students a chance to earn service hours and receive a President's Volunteer Service Award. 

Jaclyn Besnse

Red Cross Club

The Red Cross club meets monthly to plan and execute Servite projects determined by student leaders of the club. The Red Cross Blood Drive is one of the main service projects which the students support.

Steffanie Early

Robotics Club

Students on the robotics team plan, design, build, and program a robot that will compete against other schools' robots at a regional competition in a fun-filled collaborative and competitive atmosphere. In addition to real, hands-on, technical engineering training, students also develop skills in collaboration, communication, planning, fund-raising, public relations, and more.

Evan Smith

Servite Entrepreneurship Club

The purpose of this club is to teach aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of business and how to start a company.

Jeff Baldo

Servite Esports

This club promotes student opportunities to compete in gaming at a varsity level while being surrounded by peers and supported by teachers.  Servite Esports integrates the charisms of the Servite Order as well as the formation themes of the school in order to teach the students how to live virtuously and integrate technology into a well-ordered Christian life.

Chase Moynihan

Servite Medical Device Club

The purpose of this club is to build or design a medical device that may potentially help the community with its physical or medical needs. 

Laura DiCrisi

Servite Rugby

The purpose is to Form Faith-Filled Leaders by developing athletes’ intellect and will through the Rugby experience.

Manoa Pouono

Spanish Club

The club focuses on teaching and exposing students to the culture, food and traditions of different Spanish-speaking countries. The club also offers tutoring for the currently enrolled Spanish students.

Kirk Garrett


This club will build teamwork and friendships. Games and tournaments will be played at lunch. 

David Glaudini

Sports Medicine Club

This club introduces its student members to the medical field by extending the Biology curriculum.

Elizabeth Ochoa

Sports Statistics Club

This club will discuss, track, and interpret numbers of upcoming sporting events. 

Brian Hunt


This club plans to help students of all races celebrate, embrace, and expand their knowledge of African American Culture while promoting diversity and tolerance on campus. 

Greg Portis

We Rise Together

This selfless club will devote its time and efforts into helping and supporting children in foster care. The main goal is to be of service to foster children in their educational, financial, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Brendan Powers