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The Servite Difference

At Servite our goal is to form the next generation of faith-filled leaders. Every aspect of our programs are engineered to enable young men to be successful, and since 1958, we have been providing them with the tools necessary to achieve in their scholastic and co-curricular endeavors. Everything that takes place on campus – inside and outside of the classroom – is specifically designed with the educational and developmental needs of boys in mind.

At Servite, we understand boys. We appreciate their sense of humor, their energy, and their unique learning styles, and we believe that our dedicated, focused approach is critical to helping young men realize their full potential. Servite is a place where boys become men.

The Tradition

In 1957 the Archdiocese of Los Angeles invited the Order Friar Servants of Mary (Servites) in Chicago to come to Orange County to open an all-male Catholic high school in Anaheim. Father Maurice Gillespie, OSM, arrived in May, 1958, with a small band of Friars as well as equipment, supplies and personnel from St. Philip High School in Chicago. They got an unfinished brick building and 110 boys that would comprise the inaugural freshman class.

In 2005, Servite debuted the nation’s first comprehensive four-year Formation Program designed to transform boys into men who are powerful, faith-filled leaders in college, their profession, and their family and personal life. The Formation Program weaves academics, leadership and spirituality together in a seamless experience that gives graduates a firm foundation for success. The program begins with an intense and rewarding Freshman Formation Weekend before the start of freshman year and concludes with graduation and alumni participation. Servite men are continuously evaluated in terms of their academics, leadership and teamwork, and character and spiritual development.

While single-sex education has become more an exception than the rule, we at Servite are convinced that this educational approach makes more sense now than ever. Single-sex classrooms serve to break down stereotypes. It has been shown that in a single-sex environment, girls are more likely to take classes in math, science, and information technology, while boys are more likely to pursue interests in art, music, drama, and foreign languages. Boys in a single-sex environment are also more likely to participate in the classroom and seek help when they need it.  As any teacher will tell you, boys and girls at this age have very different needs, learning styles and approaches to life. A single-sex setting, free of the distraction of social pressures and anxieties, allows the young men to stretch themselves, try new things, and make important strides toward a strong and secure manhood. Here at Servite we hold onto our all-boys tradition not as a nod to the past, but as a way of bringing sense and order to the challenging times in which we live.

The Community

Ask any Servite student what he values most about our school, and the answer is typically the feeling of family we have created here. Students, faculty, and staff know each other well, they respect the diversity of origins that characterize us, and they enjoy spending time together. At Servite, a young mans friends are not limited to just the students in his grade. Our Priory Leadership Program integrates freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors together, facilitating connections between students of all ages. Furthermore, the entire school meets together monthly at Mass. This regular, school-wide interaction fosters the sense of brotherhood that all Servite students feel, and eliminates the sometimes rigid distinctions between older students and younger students that can be prevalent at other schools.

The Experience

Servite students love their time here. They like it because they are in an environment where people clearly care about them. They like it because they are free to be themselves, unencumbered by the fear of embarrassment or compulsion to show off in front of the opposite sex. They like it because every student here is truly a member of our family. Men of Servite forge relationships with their classmates as well as faculty members that last a lifetime. The frequent visits to campus by alumni as well as high turnouts at class reunions are telling of the memorable and meaningful experience that our young men have here.

Additionally, Servite is conveniently positioned between two all-girls schools (Cornelia Connelly and Rosary), making young women a regular presence on our campus after school and on weekends. We host traditional social events like Homecoming and Prom as well as a wide variety of additional activities sponsored by each of the schools that make up our Tri-School community. 

Charlie Skinner '12 Notre Dame

"Servite prepared me for the University of Notre Dame by providing me with the tools to grow spiritually, intellectually and as a leader. I am grateful for opportunities such as Kairos, The Priory Leadership Program and Her Servants' Kitchen, which fostered this growth and gave me a better understanding of who God is calling me to be. Thus, i encourage you to take part in the many things that Servite has to offer. Whether it's through sports, Priory, theatre or robotics. There are so many ways to grow during your time here."

Kalan Patel '12 Vanderbilt

"Servite was great for preparing me for Vanderbilt. Servite turned me into a faith filled leader. It did this through the many volunteer opportunities I was given and the athletic teams I was a part of. I learned how to communicate with other studetns and teachers, a skill I definitley needed to network at Vanderbilt. However, I believe the biggest way Servite has prepared me for Vanderbilt is that it taught me how to be myself. I was comfortable being myself and knew I would make friends who would like for for who I truly am. I could focus on my academics and extracurricular activities and become a well rounded individual with support from everyone around me. I am eternally grateful for every opportunity Servite provided me." 

Tim Favreau '12 UCLA

"Servite prepared me for UCLA by instilling in me a sense of confidence, hard work and modesty. In addition to what I learned in the classroom, Servite taught me to be a man of principle and a follwer of Christ. Through The Priory Leadership Council, I gained the skills necessary to be a leader and an independent thinker. These skills will benefit me throughout my years in college and long thereafter. However, the most inmportant thing I have gained from my years at Servite is a membership in the Servite Brotherhood. I have made lifelong bonds with my fellow Friars, and, for that, I am eternally grateful." 

Butch Pau'u '12 BYU

 "Servite prepared me for BYU by teaching me how to work hard not only on the football field but most importantly in the classroom. The most important thing it has taught me is how to manage my time wisely. During football season, many players grades fall, but my season happened to be one of my best quarters because I was able to manage my time. I had to wake up at 5:30AM for church, come to school by 8:00AM and participate in football until 7:00PM. I am so thankful for the wonderful blessing to have gone to such a prestigious school."

Anthony Lee '12 Johns Hopkins University

"Servite prepared me for Johns Hopkins University by teaching me to always make the best of each and every day. Take a chance and go after your dreams, because even on your worst days, it is great just being alive. "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance."- Rosie Giesie 

Alexander Hernandez '12 Boston College

"Servite prepared me for Boston College by helping me come into my own. Going into freshman year, I was shy and the least bit outgoing. I learned how to think critcially in the classroom, came to a better understanding of my faith on Kairos and learned how to lead and be led through The Formation Program. Tri-School Theatre brought me out of my shell and taught me how to sing and dance like nobody is wathcing. I learned how to be a team player on the soccer field and how to persevere during training. Service projects taught me humility. I learned the meaning of brotherhood and how to love and be loved. Servite encouraged me to get involved and challenge myself academically, spiritually and physically."


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