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The All Boys Difference

At Servite High School, our goal is to be the best school for young men. Every aspect of our school program is designed to enable young men to be successful, and since 1958, we have been providing them with the tools necessary to achieve in their scholastic, athletic, and personal endeavors. Everything that takes place on campus is specifically designed with the educational and formational needs of young men in mind.

We prepare our young men to be valued leaders who know how to set and attain high personal and professional goals. At Servite, we understand boys. We appreciate their sense of humor, their energy, and their unique learning styles. We believe that our dedicated, focused approach is critical to helping boys realize their full potential. Servite is a place where boys become men.

Current research indicates that coeducational classrooms can actually reinforce gender stereotypes, and that many young men are significantly lagging behind girls in terms of high school and college graduation rates. Single-sex classrooms serve to break down stereotypes. As any teacher will tell you, boys and girls at this age have very different needs, learning styles, and approaches to life. An all boys classroom is free of the distraction of social pressures and anxieties, allowing young men to stretch themselves, try new things, and make important strides toward a strong and secure manhood.

The Brotherhood

Ask any Servite student what he values most about our school, and the answer is typically the feeling of brotherhood that abounds here. Students, faculty, and staff know each other well, they respect the diversity of origins that characterize us, and they enjoy spending time together.

The Experience

Simply put, Servite young men like being here. They like it because they are in an environment where people clearly care about them. They like it because they are free to be themselves, unencumbered by the fear of embarrassment or compulsion to show off in front of the opposite sex. They like it because every young man here is truly a member of the brotherhood. Men of Servite forge relationships that last a lifetime with their classmates as well as faculty members. The frequent visits to campus by alumni as well as high turnouts at class reunions are telling of the memorable and meaningful experience that young men have here.

Additionally, Servite is conveniently positioned near two all-girls schools (Connelly High School in Anaheim and Rosary Academy in Fullerton), making young women a regular presence on our campus through a variety of shared activities. We host dances and other social events, collaborate with both schools in theatre, arts, cheer, and many other areas. In short, a young man need not worry about interacting with girls at Servite, as the opportunities to do so are plentiful.

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