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Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Israel

Have you ever wondered what Israel is really like? Would you like to see where Jesus walked, preached, was crucified and rose from the dead?  If so, come with us to Israel this next Spring! Our trip with Rosary will be this next April 10th to the 21st. The fact is that millions of people visit Israel every year, even when neighboring countries are in conflict. The Israeli government, our professionally experienced travel company, and our chaperones would never take students where they wouldn't take their own children. Students of all grade levels are invited to go on a pilgrimage trip to the Holy Land of Israel. Please read the trip flyer and come to the interest meeting in the Servite library on Tuesday, September 17th. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with Mr. Weir or Mr. Swoboda! Shalom!

Click here for the flyer and more information

Some notes on Safety in Israel at this time

By: Mr Swoboda

Our contact, A Rabbi at the Jewish Federation on the possible strike with Syria and safety in Israel:

1. If there is conflict between Israel and Syria, or Israel/Syria/Hizbollah, it makes sense that it would happen in the immediate aftermath of an American strike. American missile strike should happen soon, [though somewhat doubtful now considering the debate in Congress] which means a conflagration should be over well before a March trip. That sounds pat, but given the precedent that’s how it usually plays out.

2. The other way things usually play out – Israel is involved in extraordinarily short military engagements. Think the 6 day war. The longest engagement in the past 20 years was the second Lebanon war – which lasted all of 36 days.

I’m speaking somewhat glibly here, but the reality is that Israel’s borders have become stronger and safer as the situation beyond its borders have deteriorated. We stood on the Golan Heights in June and the Syrian civil war could have been taking place in Africa, for all intents and purposes.

Another Jewish friend working with the Los Angeles Jewish Federation and with extensive education in Jewish history and politics, as well as family in Israel, says that only two wars in the past posed actual danger to tour groups, the Yom Kippur War and the Gulf War (Saddam Hussein tossing Scuds into Tel Aviv). He agrees with the above belief that conflict, if engaged, will be relatively short as has been the case in the past. Also, he told us that he has been in Israel during war and Intifadas and has not felt any serious risk.

At this time we do not see the Syrian Conflict as changing our plans to go to Israel!

So parents and students please come to the interest meeting on Tuesday Sept. 17th, 7pm,  to find more out about the trip!


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