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Guitar Program Recital Schedule
Posted 10/08/2014 05:05PM

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Servite's Guitar Program,

As you may know, our Guitar Program hosts a few guest artist recitals and classes a year, and I am writing to provide you with this year's schedule. Exposure to erudite music and high level performance is rare in today's world, and it is part of our program's mission to provide this experience to our students and to the community in general. Additionally, the guests' presence comes with the added benefit of a public class, when selected students perform and receive instruction that is useful for all, including non-musicians. Those important opportunities sometimes open doors to future college admissions, as many of our guests come as part of official recruitment trips.
The first performance of the year will be my own. I will play a new program prepared over the course of the Summer that is entirely dedicated to music of the 19th century. During this period, the guitar was by far the most popular instrument in Europe (the piano will take over at the end of the century) and a wonderful repertoire was left behind. I will perform a portion of the recital on an original guitar from the 1880s. I hope you can attend!

All performances and classes are held in the Seven Holy Founders Chapel.
Recitals at 12h34pm (Lunch) and classes starting on 7th period unless noted.
Oct 29 2014 2pm - Josinaldo Costa
Dec 3 2014 - Flavio Apro (Brazil/Universidade Estadual de Maringa)
Jan 30 2015 - Michael Nigro (Vanguard University)
Feb 25 2015 - Matthew Denman (OK City University/Guitar Foundation of America)
March 30 2015 - Dominic Schaner (Lute, Theorbo, Vihuela)
Apr 28 2015 - Armin Abdihodzic (Bosnia/University of Alaska) (tentative)
May 2015 - Maja Radovanijla (Serbia/University of Minnesota) (tentative) 

Thank you, 
Josinaldo Costa 

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