Introducing Endow at Servite High School!

In 1985, Pope (now Saint) John Paul II wrote YOU a letter...and he called you a feminine genius! What? You didn't get the letter? Well, come join us in the Servite library to discover your feminine genius through Endow's study of The Letter to Women. We'll take a 360-degree view around history and the culture and learn from the late Holy Father's wisdom on the dignity of women. We'll grow in faith, friendship and fellowship as we read through the study together and share in small groups. It's a great learning opportunity for women--and there's no homework--promise! Come check out a sampling at one of the upcoming Info Sessions! Learn more about Endow at www.endowgroups.org

Please please let us know if you would like to join us on Tuesday mornings from 8:15-10 AM beginning March 14 through April 18.

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