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Freshman Formation

By the end of the freshman year, our freshmen will have:

  • Been explicitly and virtually, exposed to the philosophy, psychology, traditions, and mission of Servite High School and drilled in living and executing their responsibilities according to these principles.
  • Come to know, appreciate, live, and grow according to the life and commands of Christ, as seen through the prism of the Servite Order and its high school.
  • Developed a healthy knowledge and appreciation for self, taking stock of personal weakness and strengths and how to faithfully address both, all the while trying to ascertain their vocation from God.
  • Begun to perfect the intellectual life according to the Servite presentation, via a demanding, fundamental curriculum and successfully assimilate the body of knowledge.
  • Learned to more exactly discipline their will towards the good, being guided by the light of faith and reason.
  • Recognized their personal limits and therefore the limits of their neighbors, and consequently see the need for and benefit of enhancing their person and those around them through teamwork.
  • Engaged in developing and participating in multiple endeavors wherein they
    recognize the value of teamwork.
  • Laid the appropriate foundation for the rigor and demands of the subsequent years by completing the aforementioned in a timely, efficacious manner, and as directed.

Freshman Formation Weekend is:

July 19th, 20th and 21st, 2018

Freshman Formation Weekend 2019 is coming up July 19th through July 21st! Please be advised of the following information for the Class of 2023 and all transfers attending the weekend!

Friday, July 19th - Students check in at 10:45 AM and will be dismissed around 9 PM. The mandatory parent meeting starts at 7 PM in the theater.

Saturday, July 20th - Students arrive at 5:45 AM and will be dismissed around 9 PM. The mandatory parent meeting starts at 7:30 PM in the theater.

Sunday, July 21st - Students arrive at 5:45 AM and will be dismissed at the conclusion of the Mass and closing ceremonies around 1:30 PM. Parents and families are invited to the first Mass for the Class of 2023 at 11 AM in the theater.

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