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Alumni Who Serve

Servite High School would like to thank all of our men who have served time in the United States armed forces. It is because of your determination, heart, faith, courage and time that we enjoy the freedoms our country has to offer. We appreciate you and continue to support you.

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John Ganahl'62United States Coast Guard- 4 years
Ed O'Keefe'62United States Navy- Active & Reserves- 6 years
Lt. Col Milt Price'62United States Air Force- 25 years
Raymond L. Springsteen'62United States Army- 20 years
Jim Sullivan'62United States Navy- 6 years
John Sullivan'62United States Air Force- 30 years
Gregory Beck'63United States Army- Chief Warrant Officer
Conrad G. Neumann Jr.'63United State Air Force- 26 Years
Edmund Nichter'63United States Army- 2 years
Hans Tromp '63United States Army- 3 years
Don VanHandel'63United States Coast Guard- 4 years
Frank Bona'64United States Army- 4 years
Jerome Busch'64United States Navy- 10 years- JAG & Intelligence
Michael Engels'64United States Navy- 4 years
Louis Di Eugenio '64United States Army- 3 years
Ed Faulk'65United States Air Force- 4 years
William Phillips'64United States Navy- 3.25 years
Sgt Joe Seitz'64United States Army- 6 years
Cpt Tom Tice'64United States Army- 10 years
Robert Beers'65United States Army- 2 years
Jerry Bussjaeger'65United States Army- 2 years
William Tamulinas'65United States Navy- 6 years- 2 tours Vietnam
Fernando Olivares'66United States Army- 3 years
Lt. Colonel Joseph Poirier'66United States Marine Corps- 24 years
Gonzalez Xavier'66United States Navy- 10 years- Commander, Medical Corp
Tom Horan'67United States Navy- 2 years
Richard Barta'68United States Navy- 6 years
Bruce Alan Connors'68United States Air Force- 22.5 years
Tom Goodwin'68United States Navy- 22 years
Michael L O'Connor'68United States Navy- 21 years- A7 Pilot
Thomas Reggio'68United States Army- 6 years
Capt. Patrick Rooney'68USAFA- Active Duty 11 years - Flew T-38s & F-15s
Jim Zimmerman'68United States Army- 2 years
Joseph Connors'70United States Navy
William B. Baggott'71United States Navy- 5 years active, 5 years reserve
James Ewoldt'71United States Navy Seabees Reserves- 8 years
Dwight Mohler'72United States Army
George Sleight'73United States Army- 3 years
Joseph Stanik'73United States Navy- 20 years
Stephen Holmes'74United States Navy- 24 years
John Cole'76United State Navy & Marine Corps- 30+ years
George Misek'78United States Army- 24 years
Lt Col Mitchell Burnside Clapp

'80United Sates Air Force- 30 years
Robert Waguespack'80United States Army- 10 years
Peter Bowen'82United States Marine Corps- 24 years
Timothy Carter'82United States Army- 2 years
MIchael Eppinger'82USAF- Col, Surgeon Travis AFB, CA
Michael Celis'83United States Marine Corps- 20+ years
Jim Schwab'83United States Navy- 5 years
Geoffrey Lee'84United States Army- Active & Reserves 8 years
Jeff Lee'85United State Army- 21+ years
Leo A. Fernandez '85United States Army- 6 years
Joe Hernandez'86United States Marine Corps- Embassy Duty- 6 years
Colonel Jeff R. Ullmann'86USAF- 23 years- Kadena Air Base Okinawa, Japan
Judge Salvatore T. Sirna'86United States Army- West Point- 5 years
Ted Valmassei'86United States Army- West Point
John Digiambatista'87United States Army- 21 years
Greg Granieri'87United States Navy- 25 years
J.P. Pellegrino'89United States Marine Corps- 19 years
John Garrigan'90United States Marine Corps- 9 years; SuperCobra Pilot
LCDR Charles Brown'92United States Navy- Active & Reserves- 11 years
CPT Derek Chan'92United States Army- 4 years
Edward Liptrap'92United States Navy- 6 years
HM2 Mike Lund'92United States Navy Hospital Corpsman- 4 years
Frank Patti'95United States Army- 5 years
Austin Pittman'95United States Coast Guard- 8 years
Capt. Ryan Schley'95West Point Class of '99- United States Army- 9 years
LCDR Pete (Mike) Lauder'96United States Navy- 13 years
John Pavlik'97United States Army- 6 years
Michael Van Derwood'97United States Marine Corps- Active & Reserves- 6 years- 2 tours Iraq
Warren Robinson'98United States Navy- 6 years
Timothy Charlebios'99United States Navy- 14 years
Juan A Sierra'99United States Marine Corps- 4.5 years
Rudolph Seneres'99United States Army- 6 years; Cyber Operations Specialist
Michael Fernandez

'00United States Army- 4 years
Christopher Gonse'00United States Marine Corps- 4 years
Capt. Brendan Hopkins'00USAF Commissioned 2004
SGT Steven Lamont'00United States Army
Nathan O'Neil'00United States Navy- 9 years
Capt. Christopher Prentiss'00USAF- 13 years
Matthew Rowe'00United States Army- 5 years
CPT Matt Jalandoni'01United State Army Commissioned 2010
Captain Noel Blanco'02United States Army- 4 years
LT Broc Flores'03United States Navy- 4 years
Kyle Bernard'04United States Army- 5 years
Ivan Castillo'04United States Air Force- 3 years
1st Lt. Shamus Flynn'04United States Marine Corps
Capt. Anthony(Jordan) Bertoglio'05United State Marine Corps- 4 years
Omar Ramiro'05United States Army- 4 years Vicenza, Italy 173rd
CPT Greg Schulman

'05United States Army- 8 years
Jordan Bertoglio'06United States Marine Corps- 6 years
Captain Melvin Walker'06United States Army
Richard Gonzales'07United States Navy- 3rd Class Petty Officer
Richard Mendoza'07United States Army
Austin Miller'07United States Air Force
1st Lt. Kyle Moses'07United States Air Force- Pilot
ET3 Steve Bonello'08United States Navy- 2 years
2nd Lt. Benjamin Kenneth Chavez'08USAFA 2012- Vandenberg AFB
Lcpl Mitchell McClelland'08United States Marine Corps- 3 years
Austin Niklas'08United States Air Force
1st Lt Kyle Nunez'08United States Air Force- Pilot
CPL David Parslow'08United States Marine Corps
2nd Lt Ian Twomey'08United States Air Force
Austin Colledll'09United States Army
Joshua Gaston'09United States Navy
Daniel Palaeologus Henderson'09US Air Force- 3 years
Lance Corporal Zachary Kam'09United State Marine Corps- 5 years- 2 tours to Afghanistan
CPT Donald Kidwel'09United States Army
1st Lt Zachary Lewis'09United States Air Force Pilot
Cruz Smithson'09United States Air Force
Taylor Wunderlich'09United States Air Force
Carl Brayton'10United States Army- 4 years
Vincent Dato-on, 2nd Lt'10United States Air Force
Edward Hennings'10United States Navy
PFC Nicholas Conzachi'10United States Army
Jake Crilly'10United States Navy
Garrett Einck'10United States Navy- 5 years
Robert Gutierrez'10United States Air Force- 3 years
2LT Andrew Manelski'10United States Army
Jon Noga'10United States Marine Corps
C2C Stefan von Vietinghoff'10United States Air Force Academy
Adam Gadacz'11United States Navy- 3 years
Blair Emerson-Brown'12United States Army- 2 years
Samuel Ellis Hunt'12USAF Cadet 3rd Class- Colorado Springs, CO
C4C Thomas von Vietinghoff'12US Air Force Academy- Graduated 2017, Commissioned into the Navy
PV2 Matthew Hartmann'12United States Army- Fort Bragg, NC
Gilbert Gonzales'13US Air Force Academy
Bill Binning'14United State Army ROTC (Texas A&M University)
J.B. Lee'14US Naval Academy
Kevin Ley'14US Air Force Academy
Matthew Nulk'14US Naval Prep School
Anthony Williams'14US Military Academy, West Point
Jett Dulac'15US Air Force Academy
Timothy Getscher'15US Naval Academy
Gordon Livermore'15US Naval Academy
Connor Clancy'16US Air Force Academy
Timothy Lloyd'16US Air Force Academy
Zane Rojas'16US Military Academy at West Point

Gregory Beck '63

Gregory Beck joined the Army to go to helicopter fight school in the late '60s.  After finishing his training, he shipped out to Viet Nam-like most helicopter pilots-and flew Huey Gun Ships.  He lasted his 9 months, and was sent back to California to finish his military duty.  However, because of certain circumstances, he voluteered to do another tour of duty in Viet Nam.  By this time the Army had a new helicopter called a Cobra which Greg flew.  It was faster and had more fire power then the converted Huey.  On his way back from a mission,  "Hamburger Hill," Greg's helicopter crashed and burned. He was a highly decorated Chief Warrant Officer, and we all are be proud of his service.

Colonel Jeff Ullmann '86

Colonel Jeffrey R. Ullmann is the Commander, 18th Mission Support Group, Kadena Air Base, Japan. The 18th Mission Support Group is the largest group in the U.S. Air Force with a direct budget of $10 million, service revenues of $62 million, and 4,200 military and civilian members comprising five squadrons. The group is also responsible for the operation of the Okuma Recreation Facility on Okinawa as well as the Bellows Air Force Station Recreation Facility in Hawaii. Colonel Ullmann was commissioned in 1990 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program after graduating from the University of Southern California. He commanded Civil Engineer Squadrons at Balad AB, Iraq, and Langley AFB, Va. Colonel Ullmann served in various civil engineer positions at the base, major command and Air Staff levels. He led civil engineer units deployed to Operations Iraqi Freedom, Southern Watch, and Provide Comfort.

(Biography and photo provided by Kadena Air Base)

Michael Van Derwood '97

Michael joined the Marines for several reasons. One, he wanted to continue serving his country, which he has been doing all his life in some capacity. Two, he wanted the leadership training and experience that he knew the Marine Corps would provide. Three, he wanted to be a member of an elite organization known for its high standards and toughness. Finally, Michael wanted to experience war and combat, which despite its horror and awfulness, seems to be a part of our human condition (as evidenced from most of our history). He determined that to be in a position to change that condition, he needed to know about it first-hand.

I served active duty from 2005 to 2009. I was with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 5th Marine Regiment. Later, I served in HQCO, 5th Marine Regiment. I deployed twice to Al Anbar Province in Iraq. From 2009 to 2011, I was in the Marine Corps Reserves and served as the Company Commander of "A" Company, 4th Landing Support Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group.

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