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Why I Give to Servite

Servite is grateful for the support of our parents, alumni and community. We are honored to share insight from some of our greatest supporters as to why they give to Servite and how they have seen Servite positively influence their lives and the community.

Ron Bevins '76

"I graduated from Servite in 1976, and was proud to send my three sons to the school. Servite prepares students for life, both morally and intellectually, and by challenging them as young men, provides them with the tools to be more than prepared for what they will face after high school. Servite’s unique and individual approach to education sends excellent and caring young men into the world.”

- Ron Bevins '76
Founding partner, Walsworth, Franklin, Bevins and McCall

Dr. Roberto A. Cueva '75

“Servite High School’s level of academic excellence, from which I benefited greatly, is reason enough for me to financially support the school. However, equally important is their Formation program. Our nation and the world need young men who are not only scholarly but also instilled with the virtues of Faith, Honor, Service and Christian Love. Supporting this mission gives me great joy and hope.”

-Dr. Roberto A. Cueva '75 MD, FACS
Regional Otologist/Neurotologist/Skull Base Surgeon
Southern California Permanente Medical Group
Clinical Professor, Voluntary
Co-Director Neurotology Fellowship
Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
University of California, San Diego
School of Medicine

Michael Cushing, MD '71

The Servite I see today is very different from that of 1967-71. There is a stronger presence of faith on campus, a spirituality that is stronger now than it was "back then". We had a faith presence back then, but it wasn't expressed, or encouraged in as open of a fashion as it is now. We are living in very tenuous times, times that demand men and women of Faith, Hope and Charity stepping up and living as Christ demands of us. Servite is striving to help young men be prepared to assume their leadership roles in our society, to bring Christ to our communities.
It is for this reason I am happy to contribute to Servite, to keep Servite and its mission growing.
-Michael Cushing, MD '71

Robert Fiorentino

"As a parent of two Servite graduates and the grandfather of another, my affiliation and support of Servite spans more than twenty years. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Servite education and experience fulfills the greatest need of our society: faith-filled honorable, moral Catholic men who are the foundation and hope for a positive, optimistic societal future. Servite's program can only advance, expand and prosper when it is bolstered by the generosity of the community it serves." –Robert Fiorentino, Father of Robert ’84, Randy ’85 and Grandfather of Peter ‘12

Ronald S. Hodges

“Servite has helped my three sons develop the wisdom necessary to be faith-filled leaders so they are best equipped to succeed and lead in their communities with the highest level of integrity and through humble example. The administration, faculty and staff are committed to molding their students into fine young men that are truly prepared for the “real world.” Without a doubt it is one the finest causes my law firm and my family contribute to with our annual giving.”

-Ronald S. Hodges, Esq.
Shulman Hodges & Bastian LLP
Director of Litigation

Dr. David Molina '71

My Servite experience was extremely positive - an excellent education, lifelong friends, a set of values that have stood the test of time and made me who I am. So it was always easy to give back, because I knew I had gained so much. Gratitude and appreciation make giving effortless!
I was one of those guys who would write a check for $100 most of the last 40 years. But an interesting thing happened after our class of '71 40th reunion two years ago. As a group, we decided to 'Pay Back Our Tuition.' We asked the school how much our parents paid back in the day - it was $2,000 for four years. More than 30 of us paid back our tuitions: the money ($71,000) went to a project completed last year to renovate the front office and hallway.
The concept was that our parents gave us a gift of a Servite education, the value of which undoubtedly is in 6 or 7 figures in my accounting. So it seems only right to pay it back, to extend the gift to the current students going forward.
Our hope is that other Servite alumni will pay back their tuition at some time during their lifetime - part of every Friar's bucket list. Servite is built on a long history of tradition, maybe paying back your tuition will be a new one. -Dr. David Molina '71

Stan Pawlowski

“We found that Servite offers students the most opportunities. Challenges and growth are featured at Servite. Plus, performance competition and values are the driving forces and the reasons we selected Servite for our son.”

– Stan Pawlowski, Father of Tony ‘79

Message from Coach Toner

We'll start with "Who is Servite?" Who are these men? Servite is of every man, for every man. Her arms embrace Vietnamese, Irish, Nigerian, French, Indian, Tongan, Mexican, the poor and wealthy, the bright and the struggling. The statue of the Blessed Mother that greets students as they enter Servite is our statue of liberty, open to every man.
Servite is a center where God is invited to call each to become his own person. We have Catholics, Jews, Atheists, other Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Agnostics, Buddhists - each following his own call.
Servite is where every man is faced with the challenge of uniqueness, the appreciation of his loneliness; encouraged to make step after step, especially the first step along the path he must forge that no one else has trod; applauded for failed attempt, for resurrection as well as for victory.
Servite is where the friar's fire of wisdom and love brands every man"s soul, a fire that drives him to excel and enlighten and emblaze all who will follow him. And they will follow him! Servite is where we welcome the dark night that allows faith to reign victorious and wherein greatness of every man lies. It is where vistas and visions of mountain springs, major leagues and Carnegie Hall, the Pentagon and Capitol Hill, the all-American family and priesthood are presented to every man as possibilities.
Servite is a tradition of scholars, to-be-generals, authors, dentists, poets, lawyers, artists, doctors, accountants, teachers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, inventors and U.S. ambassadors. She is universal in her daring and reach, persistent in her pursuit, secure in her success. She is the yellow brick road where you discover your "you", living your "you", perfecting your "you" and loving that "you" more each day.
We try to be "Christ for others". Gandhi said, "If you Catholics really lived like Christ as you say you should, the whole of India would be Christian!" He threw down the gauntlet. We intend to answer.
Why love Servite? The challenge of uniqueness — Wisdom and love—Faith reigns —A tradition of scholars— Discovering you—Being Christ for others.

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