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Strength & Conditioning 

Mission Statement & Philosophy
All student-athlete training programs will be developed based in scientific research that is evidence based & supported.  Training provided to athletes will be safe, efficient, effective, and progressive.

Who We Serve
Servite Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Performance serves all 13 Servite Athletic Programs.  Each level is incorporated to programs for their respective sport.  We service the school community by providing guidance for improvements to health & well-being.  Staff serves the community by participating in guest lectures at colleges and universities.

To provide student athletes with the capabilities to reduce and resist injuries during practice and competition or recover faster from injury.  Student- athletes will be put in a position to increase and improve in all areas of strength & conditioning which will produce improved performance during practice and competition.  We want these accomplishments to aid in increased confidence.


  • Nutrition: providing education on what to eat, when, and why.
  • Mental: allow student-athletes to overcome obstacles deemed too challenging.
  • Strength: increase absolute strength of the body and increase strength of skeletal muscle, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissue while moving through full range of motion (mobility).
  • Conditioning: allows each student-athlete to be metabolically fit for practice and competition.
  • Incorporate the 4 Formation Pillars (Themes): Mastery of Self, Necessity of Others, Centrality of Christ, and Primacy of Faith.
  • 4 D’s: Dedication, Desire, Discipline, Determination. 


  • Instead of having each sports program with a different coach, each having a different philosophy/system, Servite provides an experienced, educated coach to implement a unified program. 
  • Our strength staff works alongside our Sports Medicine team to provide the best care possible to injured student athletes.
  • Team coaches are provided an avenue in which to voice their team needs.
  • School’s philosophy is intergraded into the program.
  • Food Staff works with the athletic performance team to provide better meal options for ALL students.
  • Program design is done based on ability levels of each sport and each player within the sport.
  • Youth Lifting Camp provided to potential Servite Friars giving them the foundation to strength & conditioning in a safe environment. 


The Official Recovery Drink of
Servite Athletics.
Serving Your Servite Friars as well as collegiate partners:

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