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Find the answers to the most common questions regarding this year's Servite Alumni Challenge.

What is the Servite Alumni Challenge?

The Servite Alumni Challenge is a friendly competition among the classes to see which class achieves the highest number of alumni participation points. Alumni Challenge begins on March 14, 2023. Each alumni class is challenged to compete during Alumni Challenge to be this year's champion.

Who is participating in the Servite Alumni Challenge?

The competition includes all Servite alumni from the graduating classes of 1962-2022.

How long will the competition last?

The special Servite Madness promotions run from March 14 – April 3, 2023. The Alumni Challenge winner will be determined based on points earned through April 3, 2023.

How much am I expected to give?

Servite does not ask for a specific amount, although we hope you will be as generous as you can. Some classes may choose an amount that is meaningful for them, such as a donation of $30 for a 30-year reunion, $20.05 for the Class of 2005 or $42 if that was a jersey number. Gifts in any amount are greatly appreciated, as gifts from alumni boost Servite’s alumni participation rate, a key metric in some school rankings and consideration for foundation grants.

What does the winning class receive?

The winning class will receive bragging rights, a class plaque, and a GRAND PRIZE tailgate party at a Fall 2023 Football Game!

Why should I participate?

Your gifts help make a Servite education possible for students with financial need and help to preserve the programs and traditions that make Servite special. More than 43% of Servite students require tuition assistance to attend Servite. The competition is also a fun way for you to show your class pride and have some friendly competition with your brothers from other classes.

Can I make multiple gifts and earn additional points?

Yes, you may give as many times as you like during the challenge and receive points for each gift. You may also make memorial gifts for deceased classmates, but these points are credited to you and do not change the participation percentage.

How is the winner determined?

Points will be tallied each week, challenges will be issued, and competition can be fierce. The winning class will be determined by the number of points earned by its members. Points may be earned by making a donation, signing up for monthly giving, attending events and more. Any new gifts or pledges made during the time period will count toward your class challenge. Payments on existing/prior pledges do not apply.  

You may also earn points by attending events, updating your contact information and more. See our How to Score page for more details.



Thank you for your participation in the Servite Alumni Challenge! Encourage your friends and fellow classmates to get involved by sharing the news on your social media. 
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