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MACY AWARDS for Tri-School Theatre

-Tri-School's production of The Addams Family was honored with the Comedia del Arte MACY Award "For a production that provides a magical evening of laughter and fun by a talented director and cast. This award recognizes the entire ensemble as comedy of the year."

-Our students performed a medley from The Addams Family on the Segerstrom stage in Costa Mesa (the largest performing arts center in Orange County). In addition, Joanna Juarez and Joseph Caico performed in the opening number, Caitlin Crawley, Emily Lovchik and Annabelle Soto served as trophy presenters, and Dane Madrigal performed in a special number because he was a finalist for Lead Actor of the Year for The Addams Family. Brandon Martinez was also a finalist for Comedian of the Year for The Addams Family

-The MACY Board also very kindly made a presentation honoring Hillary Pearson for 15 years of service in educational theatre.

-Alexandra Worden and Brandon Martinez each received a $1,000 college scholarship from the MACY Committee.

Individual actors and technicians received the following 36 honors for their work (this is a new record for number of MACY Awards for Tri-School in one year!):

Highest Achievement- for a student whose performance is at a professional level- the highest category of award

Mattie Cross- Technical Theatre Stage Management- Addams Family

Laurel Kessler- Technical Theatre Costuming- Little Women

Christine Ma- Technical Theatre Assistant Directing- Little Women

Dane Madrigal- Gomez- Addams Family

Brandon Martinez-Fester- Addams Family

Connor McGarahan- Technical Theatre Lighting- Little Women

Gianna Gazich- Alice- Addams Family

Gianna Gazich- Beth- Little Women

Vitoria Villalobos- Technical Theatre Wig and Hair Design- Addams Family

Emily Lovchik- Technical Theatre Assistant Directing- Addams Family

Outstanding Achievement- for a student whose performance is truly outstanding

Brandon Arriaga- Technical Theatre Assistant Stage Managing- Little Women

Domenica Diaz- Technical Theatre Props- Addams Family

Haley Fuchs- Meg- Little Women

Katsya Kennedy- Technical Theatre Assistant Stage Managing- Addams Family

Dane Madrigal- Mr. Brooke- Little Women
Vitoria Villalobos- Wednesday- Addams Family

Steve Wehner- Lucas- Addams Family

Steve Wehner- Laurie- Little Women

Alexandra Worden- Morticia- Addams Family

Alexandra Worden- Jo- Little Women

Achievement- for a student who achieves excellence in a production

Joseph Caico- Mal- Addams Family

Joanna Juarez- Younger Amy- Little Women

Brandon Martinez- Professor Bhaer- Little Women

Molly Renze- Grandma- Addams Family

Allyson San Roman- Older Amy- Little Women

Annabelle Soto- Aunt March- Little Women

Vitoria Villalobos- Marmee- Little Women

Bright Spot Award- someone who brings something outstanding to a smaller role

Patrick Aimone- Sailor Ancestor- Addams Family

Patrick Aimone- Mr. Laurence- Little Women

Caitlin Crawley- Mrs. Kirk- Little Women

Jasper Hammer- Rodrigo- Little Women

Erica Hodges- Bobby Soxer Ancestor- Addams Family

Joanna Juarez- Indian Ancestor- Addams Family

Rachel Linton- Nurse Ancestor- Addams Family

Allyson San Roman- Can Can Dancer Ancestor- Addams Family

Chance Sanford- Greaser Ancestor- Addams Family

We are so very proud of our students for all of their work in both musicals this year.