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Vocation Ministry

Campus Ministry supports young men who feel they may have a call to religious life. We encourage any young man who has questions about his vocation to come to us for support and guidance in what we promise to be a non-threatening and totaling confidential (if desired) environment. The Vocation Ministry, in conjunction with the Servite Order’s Vocation Committee, offers dinners at a variety of Servite locations for those young men interested in learning about the Servites, retreats to Portland and Chicago for discernment assistance, and counseling by Servite Friars for those who are more serious. There is never any pressure. We are here to support and assist.


We offer two dinners for those interested in religious life.

Servite Get-Togethers

A more serious meal for those young men who would like to experience more of the Servite religious life. The evening consists of a meal, sharing and a Servite themed prayer service. These evenings are meant for the young man who is looking for a deeper examination of his vocation.

Please contact Mr. Eddie Murphy for more information at 714) 774-7575 ext 1660 or at

Community Dinner

A light evening open to all young men who feel they may have a calling to religious life. The evening consists of prayer, a meal and an opportunity for a “Q & A”. This evening is meant to assist the young man by answering questions, start a relationship with other young men who feel they may have a call, get to know the Friars of the Servite Order, receive information about the Servites and allow him to experience a Servite community at one of the things it does best... eat.

Please contact Mr. Eddie Murphy for more information at 714) 774-7575 ext 1660 or at


Currently we offer two retreats to assist young men discern their vocation and offer them an opportunity to experience other Servite treasures. Both retreats are intended to help the young man reflect upon their call from God and to introduce or enlighten them to what the Servite Order has to offer for those who are interested in religious life.

The first retreat is to The Grotto in Portland, Oregon. Young men chosen for this retreat will experience Servite life by eating, working and praying with the Servite community. There is also scripture study and reflection.

The second retreat is at Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica in Chicago, Illinois, the provincial headquarters for the Servite Order in the US. Here, the young men will experience Servite life by eating and praying with the Servite community, study scripture, reflect on their vocation and come face to face with the history of the Servites in America. The young men chosen for this retreat will stay at the Basilica and visit the other Servite parishes in the area.

Servite Vocation Office

For those young men who would like guidance for their vocation, the Servite Vocation Ministry office is located here at Servite High School in the Priory. Please feel free to come in and talk, or, if you feel more comfortable, contact the Servite Vocation Minister by phone or email.

Mr. Eddie Murphy

Servite Vocation Minister

714) 774-7575 ext 1660

There are also Servite Friars available for any young man who would like spiritual guidance about their vocation.

Vocation Crucifix

The Servite Vocation Ministry is looking for people who are willing to pray for vocations to religious life!! The Servite Vocation Crucifix program is now being done at Servite parishes around the country, as well as at The Grotto. We join with them to pray for those who may feel a calling towards religious Life.

Each week here at Servite High School, we will hand out the Servite Vocation Crucifix. What you are asked to do is hold the crucifix and pray for vocations. That’s it. You can use one of the vocation prayers provided, another vocation prayer, or make up your own. If you know someone who you think may have a calling to religious life, pray that the person, or persons, discern the call. We ask that you keep the Servite Vocation Crucifix for one week, Monday to Monday, and pray every day.

The directions are simple:

  1. Hold the Servite Vocation Crucifix
  2. Say a prayer for vocations

That’s it. You can do it by yourself or with others. You can include your students! Use the Vocation Crucifix as your classroom prayer for the week. You can have a student hold the crucifix while another says the prayer. And it wouldn’t hurt to spend a few minutes explaining to your young men the importance of praying for vocations. If you would like me to come in a talk about the vocations, the opportunity to discern them and the reason for prayers, please let us know. In the past, we have had a very good response. This program has inspired many good conversations and may be why we have a number of students now discerning.

We just ask that you pray every day that you have the Servite Vocation Crucifix. It’s that simple!! Though the Servite Order is in need for young men to answer the call and join their Order, do not limit your prayer to just the Servites, or just men. There are young men and women who have heard the call from God and need strength and support to listen to that call, discern it and decide to serve God and His people by joining religious life. Please help them! Your prayers could be the inspiration needed by these men and women.

If you are interested, please let Eddie Murphy know and he will schedule you to be a part of this very special program. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him,