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Servite is set apart by a comprehensive and highly successful formation program that shapes students into faith-filled and respectful men with wisdom and character for success in college and life. Formation is not just a program, but a culture and focus that is prominent in everything we do including the formal formation programs, athletics, academics, arts, campus ministry, theology, Catholic and Christ-centered identity, and everything else. You don’t go to Servite – you become Servite. We build on the student’s unique giftedness and calling resulting in powerful transformation from freshman year to graduation and beyond.

Servite High School challenges young men through a rigorous program of faith-based personal formation through both the rituals and traditions of the Catholic Church as well as the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary.

Formation is the intentional, systematic direction of the complete student experience toward a development of the whole, unique person--body and soul. The entire process is centered on one insistent question: “Who are you?”  Formation focuses on the development of character and virtue inviting each student to become the man they have been called by God to be.