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Scholar-Athlete of the Week: Luke Bond ’21
Karlie Carlson

Servite Scholar-Athlete of the Week (9/30/20)

Luke Bond
GPA: 4.69

What is your favorite subject? Why? My favorite subject is history. Whether it be about the world or strictly the United States, I enjoy learning about our past and how we as a society have come a long way. I believe that through history we can find ways to help progress our society today.

What teacher has most impacted you here at Servite? Why? The teacher that has impacted me the most is Mr. Van Dyk. His commitment to teaching our class and helping us progress as students motivated me to work hard in the classroom. In addition, he made our classroom environment enjoyable every day, which really helped me a lot.

Advice for freshmen on how to balance the academic and athletic rigors at Servite: What helped me best manage the academic and athletic rigors at Servite was by prioritizing what was most important. For example, after practice, I would make sure to get my schoolwork done right away before doing any other activities. This then allowed me extra time to practice and/or give myself some time to rest.

What else are you involved in at Servite? Currently I am involved in the Admissions Ambassadors program, CSF, Latin Club, and the Asylum student section, being one of the student leaders.

Career interest- Though I do not specifically know what I want to do as a career, I want to do something related to business where I can possibly run my own company and have my own hours.

Classes you’re currently taking- AP English Literature, AP US Government, HP Critical Reflections, HP Spanish 4, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics