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Karlie Carlson

Athletics are back in session so it's time to restart our scholar-athlete and athlete of the week features! First up, senior Ethan Gutierrez.

Servite Scholar-Athlete of the Week (9/2/19)

Ethan Gutierrez
Cross Country
GPA 3.86

What is your favorite subject? Why? Science, I have always loved doing dissections and learning how our body and surroundings work.

What teacher has most impacted you here at Servite? Why? Mr. Angel has impacted me the most. He sparked my interest in philosophy and has taught me that there is much more to think about in our world than just the obvious.

Advice for freshmen on how to balance the academic and athletic rigors at Servite: If I could give advice to freshmen I would say don’t be afraid to ask for help, someone will always be there to help if you need it.

What else are you involved in at Servite? Track and Field, NHS, CSF, P.A.L. Film Club, Select Choir, Activities committee

Career interest- To become an orthopedic surgeon

Classes you’re currently taking- Economics, Calculus, AP Environmental Science, Select Choir, Mock Trial / Speech and Debate, AP Literature, Philosophy