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Future Friar Program

Thank you for your interest in Servite High School and becoming a Future Friar. 

Future Friars are young men who want to stay updated on everything going on in the Servite community and have opportunities to get involved. Learn about our mission to form Faith-Filled Leaders by signing up to become a Future Friar to receive monthly newsletters and special invitations.

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2023 Discover Servite Open House Student Speakers

Lorenzo Diomedes '24

As I stand before you today, I can say that Servite has molded me into a better person. It's been challenging, but it has also been deeply rewarding.  If you decide to become a Friar, please make sure you embrace the opportunities, relationships, and growth that Servite offers because it has the power to change your life. 

Elliott Hood '25

What I really appreciate about being at Servite is that I feel known here.  I feel seen here. Just the little things that go a long way.  Every morning at our front gate, rain or shine,  we have several administrators that say hi and welcome us to campus.  Or even at break or lunch, I know that I can connect with a teacher or a counselor if I need something.  Just having that access and relationships makes navigating the challenges of high school a lot easier.  I love being a Friar and I hope today inspires you to be one too.

Luke Greenlee '24

Through my experience at Servite, I am so proud to be a member of the Servite community. If not for the support and experiences that Servite has provided me with, I would not be the person I am today, and I am eternally grateful for each and every person who has impacted my life at this school.


We asked our seniors what their most memorable experiences are here at Servite and these are their top 6!

Freshman Formation

The Formation program begins with an intense and rewarding Freshman Formation Weekend the July before the start of freshman year and concludes with graduation and alumni participation. Servite men are continuously evaluated in terms of their academics, leadership and teamwork, and character and spiritual development.

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KAIROS is a three-day retreat that strengthens one's relationship with a loving God. Wherever students are in their faith journey, KAIROS is time well spent.

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Every school has a student section, but only one has the Asylum. There, Friars can be loud, creative, and build camaraderie. They get to be crazy and rowdy to support their brothers during athletic competitions. They are the Asylum, the highest ranked student section in Orange County.

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The perennially award-winning co-ed theatre program, Trinitas Arts Conservatory, allows students of all grade levels to explore every aspect of theatre.

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Servite High School and its sister school, Rosary Academy, come together for dances, creating a close-knit family atmosphere filled with celebration and togetherness.

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Team 3309 Friarbots aims to form proficient STEM leaders while competing at the highest level in the FIRST and VEX robotics programs. Students develop skills such as leadership, design, 3D printing, CAD, programming, woodworking, metalworking, laser cutting, and much more in a passionate, student-driven environment.

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