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International Students

In alignment with Servite High School’s mission, the International Student Program (ISP) welcomes, supports, and forms international students in the traditions and values of a Servite education. While Servite considers international applicants from most countries, it has a special program and support structure in place for students from China.

Graduates of Servite’s International Student Program will have gained a deep understanding and appreciation for a Servite education in America. Having integrated with the student body in multiple dimensions, international students will have developed life-long relationships with American and other international students. As a product of the academic and formation programs at Servite High School, international students will have developed the character, knowledge, and leadership capacity to effectively transition to undergraduate studies and pursue their career goals.

If you are interested in applying please contact Mr. Jevons Ji prior to beginning the application process.

Mr. Jevons Ji

To begin the International Admissions process, please click here and create an account.