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Physical Education and Health

The goal of Physical Education and Health at Servite is to instill a value for active, intentional, and balanced lifestyles within our Faith-Filled Leaders. Servite's P.E. and Health classes teach students about basic health, safety, and fitness development through lecture and in-class competition. Servite also offers classes for students to explore their interests in sports medicine. 



9103   Health
Semester Course - Freshmen course required for graduation
The health course provides instruction in the basic areas of health. Emphasis is placed on mental health, human sexuality, disease, fitness, safety, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. This course is not UC/CSU approved.

8101   Physical Education
Year Course - Freshman course required for graduation
Physical Education is a basic introductory course with emphasis on meter learning and fitness development. Also instructs students in team and individual sports with in-class competition. This course is not UC/CSU approved



8501   Sports Medicine
Year Course – Sophomore/Junior/Senior Elective
Prerequisite: Health, C or better in Biology/Honors Biology (or concurrent enrollment in Biology), instructor’s approval, Anatomy/Physiology preferred but not required.
Sports Medicine covers the anatomy and physiology of the human body. It also covers first aid, CPR, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. All topics will be covered with relation to sports and injuries that occur in athletic competition. Prevention, Recognition, Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment of athletic injuries are a strong area of focus. Laboratory assignments are given to aid in the teaching of these topics. Students are also required to work hours (10 hours per semester) in the athletic training room of our high school to get a hands-on approach into sports medicine. At the end of this course, the student will be first aid and CPR certified. (Lab fee for F.A./CPR). This course is not UC approved.

8502  Sports Medicine 2
Year Course – Sophomore/Junior/Senior Elective
Prerequisites: Sports Medicine
Please note: This course is designated as a 9th period class to be taken after school.
This course will cover the concepts learned in Sports Medicine more extensively. A lab will be required. Students will be required to work some athletic events. This course is not UC approved.


Shawn Gilbert

Shawn Gilbert

Head Baseball Coach, PE Teacher
Dane Jako

Dane Jako

Head Golf Coach, PE Teacher
John Morris '01

John Morris '01

Head Basketball Coach, PE Teacher
Troy Thomas

Troy Thomas

Head Football Coach, PE Teacher