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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department offers the students of Servite High School the opportunity to develop their God-given talents through varied courses including band, choir, classical guitar, piano, theatre, film, drawing, and painting. Each of these courses has its own goals and objectives to concur with national and state standards, and they are aligned with our formation themes with the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary. No matter what your son's skill level is, he can take any of these courses to reveal if art is a passion for him. A year of basic study and requisite dedication will give students new or refined skills in music, theatre, film, or art.  

The Fine Arts Department has devoted instructors who help develop students' musical ears and artistic eyes. Servite's music teachers have also designed ancillary courses in music theory and music history that are available to any student. Our schedule currently allows students to enter music study as freshmen if they wish. 



7590   CP Film Aesthetics & Production
Year course –Sophomore/ Junior/Senior Elective
This course will examine the way filmmakers create meaning.  Students, through the analysis of popular films, will study the various stages of filmmaking in order to better understand and appreciate them.  They will learn the history of filmmaking and the technological advances that have come about in the art form. Appropriate aesthetic and technical vocabulary will be learned and utilized.   Students will learn about the filmmaking process; beginning with screenwriting and concluding with the final sound mix. Projects will be assigned to apply knowledge of skills utilized by those in the filmmaking industry.  Students will study the impact of film and television on society from a social, economic and political viewpoint. Film will be studied as an art form and as a means of communication.   A variety of films will be previewed and students will analyze and respond to these films, and make critical assessments.

7591  Film Video Production
Year course – Senior Elective
Prerequisites: Completion of 7590 and Teacher approval
The second year film course is designed to give students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they obtained in the Intro to Film Aesthetics and Production course.  Second year production students will work collaboratively with classmates to produce short conceptual video projects while continuing to study the craft of numerous professionals in the industry.

7507   CP Fundamentals of Theatre
Year Course – All Grade Levels Elective
The objective of this course is to foster a broad understanding and appreciation of theater arts by focusing on basic acting techniques, monologue and scene work, improvisation, diction, stage movement, history of the theater, dramatic analysis, and performance critique. Field trips, outside assignments and performance, including participation in school liturgies and school prayer should be anticipated. This class is a prerequisite for Intermediate drama and theatre.

2528   CP Yearbook
Year Course – All Grade Levels Elective
The objective of this course is to have a fun and informative elective that annually produces the Yearbook for the school. Students learn the basics of photography and are responsible for taking candids, as well as photos of sports, classes, clubs, and campus life to represent each and every student at Servite. Students learn the basics of graphic design, creating layouts for pages and sections. Students also focus on journalism skills, interviewing students, coaches, teachers, and parents, as well as writing captions and articles to accompany their photos. The Yearbook class works as a team to create a well-designed product for the Servite community.

7509   CP Classical Guitar 1
Year course – All Grade Levels Elective
This course is for the newcomer to the classical guitar. Anyone, regardless of talent or previous musical experience, can learn to play and find success if the homework is done regularly and on time. While the focus is classical guitar the skills gained in this class create and improve abilities to play other styles of music on other kinds of guitars. An applied music theory component also grounds students in knowledge of the process of composing which is also applicable to any other style of music. A student should plan for 15-30 minutes of deliberate practice time, three to four nights per week. No previous music experience is necessary. This course is modeled on a copyrighted college-prep guitar course taught at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

7529   CP Classical Guitar 2
Year course – Sophomore/Junior/Senior Elective
7532   CP Classical Guitar 3
Year course – Junior/Senior Elective
7533         Classical Guitar 4
Year course – Junior/Senior Elective
Prerequisites: Must possess a specific set of classical guitar skills and receive instructor approval
These courses provide independent study direction to nurture students toward more advanced repertoire and understanding of music. Guitar ensemble (small group) participation is a central part of the class. Besides that performing aspect students will develop technical and reading skills appropriate to their level. A minimum of 30 minutes of outside practice five days per week is required. Many performing opportunities outside of the class will be presented and students will be prepared to give excellent performances. Students who begin these classes (level II) should have at least the following skills: the ability to play a variety of right hand arpeggio patterns through a chord progression, command of rest and free stroke, ability to read through the ninth position (and an understanding of what is beyond that), two and three octave diatonic scales, and some solo repertoire. Instructor approval is required. Participation in After-school performances is required. This course is not UC/CSU approved. 

7504   CP Concert Band
Year Course - All Grade Levels Elective
The Concert Band is a beginning through intermediate level performing group and is designed for students who have completed at least two levels of beginning band method. Emphasis is on performance of a wind or percussion instrument in a traditional band setting. Music of various traditional styles is performed ranging from transcriptions of classical pieces to marches and lighter popular music.
The Concert Band performs at several concerts throughout the school year, as well as various sporting events, local community functions and performance festivals in the spring. Focus is on developing existing musical ability to higher levels of achievement using regular playing tests consisting of technical and repertoire selections. Attendance at all after school performances is a graded requirement. There is opportunity for member of the Concert Band to perform in small ensembles that perform at Masses, school functions, and other local schools.

7514   CP Concert Band 2
Year Course - All Grade Levels Elective
Prerequisite: Concert Band 1 or equivalent
Concert Band 2 (also known as Brass Band) is a continuation of Concert Band 1 and focuses on band literature written at the developing to intermediate level. .  Emphasis is placed on developing musicianship through the playing of chorales, scales and other technical exercises, as well as the concert repertoire.  Regular assessment is done by using regular group and individual playing tests consisting of technical and repertoire selections. Music of various traditional styles is performed ranging from transcriptions of classical pieces to marches and lighter popular music.  Preferred instruments are brass (trumpets, horns, trombones, & tubas), saxophones, and percussion.  
The Concert (Brass) Band performs at several concerts throughout the school year, as well as various sporting events, local community functions and performance festivals in the spring. Attendance at all performances is a graded requirement. There is opportunity for members of the Concert Band to attend the annual Spring Band Trip to various locations throughout the country to compete at a national music festival.

7525  CP Jazz Band
Year Course - All Grade Levels Elective
Prerequisite: Concert Band or equivalent. Director approval is required for enrollment.
The Jazz Band is an intermediate to advanced level performance group. The class performs music of the big-band style that was popular during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Emphasis is placed on individual musicianship consisting a complete knowledge of major and minor scales, tone control and high levels of musical knowledge as a preparation to entering a college performance ensemble. Students are also encouraged to express their individual creative expression through improvisation. Regular music listening is assigned as graded homework as well as research into the personalities and celebrities that were influential to the development of Jazz in America.
The Jazz Band performs for a variety of events during the school year including school concerts, fundraising events for the school and other local organizations, performance festivals, and for local elementary and middle schools. The Jazz Band also participates in an annual music festival at various locations throughout the United States. Students are expected to maintain high levels of musical achievement and are required to practice on a daily basis. Students are assessed a $50.00 fee for sheet music.

7515  CP Men’s Chorus
Year Course - All Grade Levels Elective
Men’s Choir 1 is offered to students with limited vocal/choral experience. Students will learn how to match pitch, expand their vocal range, and learn the basic techniques of vocal production including proper breathing and vowel production. Students will learn some music theory as it relates to singing. Several concerts will be performed each year. Students are assessed a $50.00 fee for materials and accompanists.

7520  Advanced Choir
Year Course – Sophomore/Junior/Senior Elective
Prerequisites:  Audition required 
Must attend a meeting/audition and get teacher approval and must have achieved fundamental singing techniques.
The advanced choir provides an opportunity to sing difficult music from various genres and musical periods.   The student who completes this course will become an independent singer who performs vocal music with proper technique. Training in theory and sight-singing will continue as in Choir I and ear-training will be added.  Musicality is assessed through phrasing, dynamics, tone color, tempo, balance and blend.  This group will perform more often and may participate in festivals and contests.
Students are assessed a $50.00 fee for sheet music.  The music will remain in their possession at the end of the year (or they could donate it to the school to build the choir library). This course is not UC/CSU approved.

7526 CP Beginning Piano
Year Course – All Grade Levels Elective​​​​​​​
This class will provide students with instruction in learning to play the piano. Class will be held in a keyboard/music lab where players practice and hear their work through headphones. Focus will be placed on beginning piano technique by playing major scales, finger exercises, and beginning level piano music while learning the fundamentals of music reading, music structure, melodic playing and chording. This class also explores the fundamentals of music theory through activities related to assigned music. Students are exposed to music history such as musical eras related to assigned pieces and the history of piano and keyboard development. A semester research/analysis project is required as well as a recital performance In which the student will perform for their peers. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Fine Arts Department

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Jeffrey Baldo

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