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Freshman Scheduling Information

Academics for Incoming Freshman at Servite High School

Incoming freshman are placed into one of the following four tracks based on grades, recommendations and placement test scores; College Prep, Math/Science Honors, Liberal Arts Honors or Full Honors. The core schedule of seven classes plus a Priory period twice a week is listed below:

  1. English 1
  2. Algebra 1
  3. Biology
  4. Theology 1
  5. PE
  6. Computer Apps/Health
  7. FINE ART OR WORLD LANGUAGE (must choose) *
  8. Priory

*It is advised that all Honors Students (particularly athletes and students wishing to take multiple years of a fine art) consider taking a Fine Art and begin their language freshman year. This will either require a zero period or taking our Computer Apps/Health class during the summer before their freshman year.

Summer School Advancement

We offer Computer Apps/Health in the summer before freshman year. There should be a specific reason for this choice and they are noted below. Students opting to advance should be sure to consult our counseling office and discuss four year planning given our requirements and the student’s desired outcome.

Honors - This option is ideal for those students placed in honors that are athletes and/or wish to pursue multiple years of a fine art in addition to our advanced curriculum.

College Prep – not recommended for students placed in college prep unless they are pursuing multiple years of a fine art as well as athletics.

Elective and Fine Art Choices Available to Incoming Freshman

Fundamentals of Theatre
Men’s Chorus 
Concert Band
Classical Guitar

Please feel free to contact our counseling office at 714-774-7575 x1134 should you have additional questions.