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The Counseling Department of Servite High School offers a comprehensive program that supports all students academically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and vocationally. We accomplish this by providing a compassionate, safe and confidential environment and by advocating on behalf of students to meet their developmental needs.

The Servite Counseling Department consists of four credentialed comprehensive counselors. Each counselor is a specialist in the issues and challenges of high school students and is available to help sort out the many choices and decisions a student must make from freshman through senior year. The department also includes a Director of Instructional Support Services who works closely with students who have a documented learning difference.

The Counseling Department is available to students every day of the school year from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. We encourage all students and parents to contact the Counseling Department at (714) 774-7575 extension 1134, with any questions or concerns.

All Counselors work with their students on grade level specific tasks as well as individualized guidance and planning related to their future college and career goals.

Grade Level Focus:

  • Freshmen-Work with the freshmen students as they adjust to a high school environment and adapt to the academic demands.
  • Sophomore-Emphasize preparing and taking the PSAT test and interest/career inventories to assist students in making long-range plans for college.
  • Junior/Senior-Support the junior/senior classes as they begin to explore post-secondary opportunities and prepare for the SAT, ACT and AP tests and assumes duties related to the selection of colleges and all activities related to the college application process including financial aid information, college requirements and college essays.

Ms. Gina Johnson (Ext. 1146) Director of Instructional Support Services
Please see Student Support Services link for more information.

Ms. Andrea Valenzuela, (Ext. 1134) Counseling Assistant & Registrar 
Ms. Valenzuela supports the counseling department in all areas and oversees all student records related information including transcript requests.

Hilary Recknor

Hilary Recknor

Director of Counseling
Gina Johnson

Gina Johnson

Director of Instructional Support
Andrea Valenzuela

Andrea Valenzuela

Registrar (graduated and current students), Administrative Assistant, Counseling, National Honor Society Club Moderator, California Scholastic Federation Club Moderator
Amy Bowman

Amy Bowman

Counselor (Last names E-K)