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Our comprehensive academic program features a college preparatory curriculum designed specifically to improve educational results for the Servite student. As specialists in boys’ education, faculty use teaching strategies that address learning styles specific to boys. Servite's classes, faculty, and learning materials work together to create an environment where students can retain and apply information, explore interests and passions, and enjoy the learning process. Outcomes-focused learning methods, qualified and dedicated faculty and counseling staff, and rigorous honors and advanced placement offerings consistently result in superior standardized test scores (see below) and graduates accepted at the most reputable colleges in the country every year.

We are very proud of the academic success of our students represented by outstanding ACT and SAT scores along with consistent college acceptances at the most reputable universities in the world. Co-educational scores include data reported from male and female students. The most accurate comparison to Servite would only include male scores. 

With a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1, students benefit from small class sizes. Faculty are caring and knowledgeable professionals who help students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in an increasingly interdependent, technology-based world, while developing the virtues of Faith-filled leaders. Teachers ensure students understand the content of every course and transition smoothly from one grade level to the next. Students are prepared for college through core, elective, honors, and advanced placement classes that teach them to think independently, logically, and creatively.

Servite is the ideal learning environment to ensure male students live up to their potential in every way. We educate boys in light of their spatial, visual, active learning style and natural affinity for subjects like abstract mathematics and science. By stressing the importance of subjects like literature, languages, history, art, music, film, drama, and the visual arts, Servite develops well-rounded students who find their innate creativity and imagination while developing communication skills and building upon strengths and interests. Boys often learn best through activity with material presented in small portions. Thus, a typical coed classroom that favors verbal and auditory learning can put an active boy at a disadvantage. Servite’s schedule, class times, and teaching plans allow students to stay active and comprehend material in the most relevant ways. 


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