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Servite Alumni Family BBQ Recap
Sunday, June 4th

at Servite

The Alumni Family BBQ proved to be a remarkable event, fostering connections among families, friends, and fellow alumni from all decades who returned to campus years after their graduation. It served as a reminder of the lasting bonds forged at Servite and showcased the vibrant spirit of the school community. Looking ahead, the success of the first Alumni Family BBQ has laid the foundation to be a lasting tradition for years to come. The event's response from the Servite community highlights the desire for continued gatherings that celebrate the school's rich legacy and nurture the relationships among alumni, families, and friends.


Servite would like to extend a very special thank you to the Sponsors of this great event:

Kory Hoertz ‘05, Actuaries Unlimited

Jonathan Ekno ‘01, Ekno Insurance Services
David Taylor ‘05, MB Coatings

For more information, please contact Lisa Riehl in the Advancement office at or
(714) 774-7575 x 1401