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Why choose Servite for your son? Studies have consistently shown that boys learn best in an all-male environment. Here’s why:


1. Servite teaches in ways that boys learn best.

“Each faculty member in an all-boys school has made a conscious choice to teach boys. They enjoy boys’ irreverent humor and draw energy from their natural exuberance. Servite teachers tailor their curriculum and teaching styles to engage each student.”


2. Servite will help your son discover and explore his full potential.

“Without the social pressures of a coed environment, students in an all-boys school can explore the full range of their personalities and potential. Eschewing stereotypes, they discover they have many roles to play as a scholar, athlete, artist, musician, and friend.”


3. The Servite brotherhood is real and lasting.

“Working together in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the theater, students are united by a special bond of brotherhood. Many boys’ school graduates say the friendships they developed with their peers and with faculty are among the most important and lasting relationships they have.”


4. Servite strives to form boys into faith-filled men.

“In addition to pursuing high academic achievement, schools for boys share many broad goals: to promote well-being, to develop resilience and empathy, and to see that each student achieves his potential. But none is more important than the essential goal of building good character and, by extension, of helping each boy and young man make responsible choices and live an honorable life.”


Give your son the gift of an education that will help him become the man God calls him to be. Choose Servite. 




Source: International Boys School Coalition

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