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At Servite High School, the STEM program stands as a beacon of innovation and academic excellence, inspiring students to delve into the exciting realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The program fosters a hands-on, inquiry-based learning environment, empowering students to explore real-world applications of STEM concepts. Students engage in collaborative projects, robotics competitions, and lab assignments, developing not only a deep understanding of STEM disciplines but also essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Teachers use various methods to explain concepts, including visual organizers. This allows each unique student to succeed with the learning style that suits them best. In Mr. Yokoyama’s geometry class, each step of a proof is meticulously mapped out on the organizer, ensuring clarity and understanding. Active participation is encouraged, prompting students to fill in missing pieces and make connections between geometric concepts. 

Learning science by doing science promotes student engagement and increased comprehension at Servite. Students in Mr. Eaton's physics class (above) learn about Newton's laws of motion, especially Newton's third law, by conducting a rocket launch. Combining other facets of STEM, they use math skills to compile data on their model rockets and engines, as well as calculate acceleration, maximum velocity, and altitude. As you can see, they also have a lot of fun!

Students in Ms. DiCrisi’s Honors Chemistry class explore reactions in our world. Here, they conduct a double replacement reaction to make calcium carbonate, a major component of some rock formations and parts of our ecosystem. Students gain a better understanding of their environment and develop math skills to analyze the efficiency of their process.

As a result, graduates from the STEM program at Servite High School not only excel in their academic pursuits but also emerge as well-rounded individuals prepared to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving world of science and technology.

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