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Servite High School is proud to announce that seven of our students have been awarded the prestigious Global Seal of Biliteracy. This international language certificate recognizes and celebrates their level of proficiency in two or more languages.


Congratulations to:


Moises Ibarra ’24

Flynn Twomey ’24

Aeneas Mires ’24

Abraham Leon ’24

Anthony Delgado ’24

Ryland Andrade ’24

Jimmy Dunne ’24


The Global Seal of Biliteracy validates language skills and expands future opportunities for its recipients. We are proud that these Spanish students are now part of this global community of bilingual and multilingual individuals. We congratulate these young men on this significant achievement and look forward to seeing the opportunities their Global Seal of Biliteracy will bring them.


For more information about the Global Seal of Biliteracy, visit


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