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by Servite High School

Mason Labow '23

Cousins Mason Labow (16) and Spencer Schley (15) found themselves seeing one another for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic on Christmas Eve at their grandparents' house. Overwhelmed by the generosity of their grandparents and family at Christmas, the cousins decided they needed to find a way to give back.

Mason is a sophomore and Spencer is a freshman at Servite High School. Both boys are also Boy Scouts on the road to becoming Eagle Scouts. Service to others is important to them.

Realizing it was too late to do something for Christmas, they decided they would devise a plan to give back this Easter. They contacted the Illumination Foundation in Anaheim, California, and spoke with Terry Campbell who arranged for the boys to do an Easter party and Easter egg hunt at two of the foundation’s “Emergency” houses.  They will be serving 35-40 kids.

Spencer Schley '24

Mason, who has his first job at In N Out Burger in Costa Mesa, decided to devote a portion of his paychecks to buy the plastic eggs, candy, toys, baskets etc. to make the event special for the kids. It was important to Mason that “each kid gets a stuffed bunny”.  He has accomplished his goal and has over 40 stuffed bunnies and baskets, and hundreds of plastic eggs stuffed with candy, toys, and more.

It is so unique in today’s day and age when kids, on their own, think of how they can help others and actually follow through with it. These two boys are such a good example of the principles taught at Servite and the motto of the Boy Scouts  “Do Good.”

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