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Hilary Recknor

Servite’s Counseling Department serves the Servite community as primary advocates for students, helping guide them to achieve success in their personal goals, for college and their career. We set student schedules, monitor their academic progress, help them work through personal and academic challenges when they arise, and eventually assist them with the college search and application process. To keep up with college admissions trends, the counselors maintain active membership with the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) and develop relationships with college representatives through college visits and conferences. We strive to offer a personalized service for every individual and family over the course of their four years at Servite; understanding that each student’s circumstances and aspirations are unique. Counselors stay with the students all four years and as a result are able to build relationships and provide appropriate guidance and resources. 

A rare find in California, the Servite Counseling department caseloads meet the ratio recommendation of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). We have a very manageable counselor to student ratio (200:1) in addition to a Director of Instructional Support Services that provides added support for students with learning differences. Servite counselors have extensive knowledge, expertise and training as each counselor has a master’s in counseling education as well as holding appropriate credentials.  Servite counselors also partner closely with teachers to ensure that the student can access the knowledge offered to them in the classroom. Sometimes there are barriers to student learning and achievement (family issues, learning challenges, mental health concerns, etc.). We work as a team along with Formation Directors, teachers, coaches, Campus Ministry, administration and other staff members to identify those challenges and connect the students to the appropriate resources for support. 

The Servite Counseling Office embraces the brotherhood and charisms of Servite High School. We work hard to establish a trusting relationship while collaborating with the community that will allow each student to thrive and find their own path. Transitions can be challenging and we aim to ease the tension by providing a guiding hand to all of our students and families as they transition to high school, progress through each grade level, and eventually go on to pursue their post-secondary goals.

Our counseling team is dedicated to the care and development of each student and we strive to implement programs that enable them to reach their full potential here at Servite and beyond.

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