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Karlie Carlson

Servite Scholar-Athlete of the Week (3/24/21)

Zachary Zuniga
GPA: 4.31

What is your favorite subject? Why? My favorite subject is Critical Reflections because it serves as an interesting introduction to philosophy, while also tying in aspects of Catholic principles. This class allows me to enhance my knowledge about the Catholic faith and explore past philosophical ideas. Simultaneously, prayer and intriguing discussions make the class an amazing experience.

What teacher has most impacted you here at Servite? Why? Mr. Martin impacts me daily as a Servite student. Because of his deep devotion to the Eucharist and knowledge of the Church, I am on fire for the faith. His ideas of service leadership and evangelization help my love for the Church grow daily. With his example, I will grow as a faithful servant of our Lord.

Advice for freshmen on how to balance the academic and athletic rigors at Servite: You must start off strong academically and challenge yourself in all areas of your life. Please do not wait to start enjoying the amazing education you receive at Servite. While sports and events may seem extremely important, academics remain crucial throughout the entirety of the high school. Because our education builds off itself, it is crucial to not miss any subject matter.

What else are you involved with at Servite? I am involved in a variety of activities at Servite that bring a creative aspect to my days. I am an assistant prior for Sostene seniors. Alongside the admissions program, I help as a school ambassador when necessary. I also am a part of the “Together We Rise” club. I enjoy tutoring for CSF and serving as the Vice President of the National Honors Society. I also am apart of the Her Servants Closet team. Lastly, I played Rugby for the past two years.

Career Interest- I am interested in various types of therapy. Whether it be psychological or physical, assisting others in their recovery is my main goal; I also plan, sometime in my lifetime, to serve and give back to Servite.

Classes you’re currently taking- AP Macroeconomics, HP Critical Reflections, AP Psychology, CP Calculus, CP Film Aesthetics, AP Literature

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