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Scholar-Athlete of the Week: Nicholas Shannon ’21

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Karlie Carlson

Servite Scholar-Athlete of the Week (9/16/20)

Nicholas Shannon
GPA: 4.63

What is your favorite subject? Why? Either AP Environmental Science, AP U.S. History, or AP English Language and Composition, because all three courses contain engaging lessons meant to probe the minds of its students. Outside of Servite, however, my favorite subject is geography.

What teacher has most impacted you here at Servite? Why? Although many teachers at Servite have positively influenced me as a young man, Mr. Scott has influenced me the most. By incorporating important life lessons into his lectures and taking time out of his day to talk to me, Mr. Scott is not only a teacher, but a man who cares for the well-being of his students.

Advice for freshmen on how to balance the academic and athletic rigors at Servite: Find a group of friends that you click with. Create a detailed daily schedule, try to get weekend homework done on Friday or Saturday, and do not forget to hone your passions and interests. However, most importantly, push yourself. Servite provides its students an abundance of opportunities to succeed in the classroom, on the field, and in life; take advantage of these!

What else are you involved in at Servite? National Honor Society President, Bonfilius Prior, Master of Ceremonies for Mass, Member of CLUB Vocati

Career interest- I am considering working as an executive in the airline or travel industry, or a job as a diplomat for the U.S. Department of State. Any job involving traveling will suffice.

Classes you’re currently taking- AP US Government, AP Chinese, AP Environmental Science, AP English Literature, HP Critical Reflections, AP Statistics

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