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Karlie Carlson

Servite Scholar-Athlete of the Week (4/7/21)

Kyle Ito
GPA: 4.71

What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is physics, it lets me apply the math I’ve learned over the past few years to something tangible and practical.

What teacher has most impacted you here at Servite? Why? Dr. Eng is a brilliant teacher and taking her classes over the last three years has given me enough confidence to pursue a career in engineering.

Advice for freshmen on how to balance the academic and athletic rigors at Servite: Stay organized, don’t procrastinate, and study ahead whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, teachers, and coaches early on, before you find yourself struggling. With these in mind, I encourage freshmen to try anything that even remotely interests them; one could develop into a newfound passion.

What else are you involved with at Servite? This year, CSF tutoring but previously Bridges, Priory, and JSA. Outside of Servite, I am an Eagle Scout and have worked as a lifeguard for the last two summers.

Career Interest- I am excited to pursue mechanical engineering at Cal in the fall!

Classes you’re currently taking- CP Piano, AP Physics, HP Critical Reflections, AP English Literature, AP Calculus (BC), AP Macroeconomics

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