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Karlie Carlson

Servite Scholar-Athlete of the Week (12/3/18)
Jason Lembo '19
GPA: 3.98

Favorite School Subject: My favorite subject is math because I like problem solving and being able to show my work on paper.

How do you balance the academic and athletic rigors here at Servite? I try and balance my academic and athletic sides at Servite by never procrastinating. When I am in class I just focus on that specific subject and when I am in practice I don't focus on anything besides basketball.

What is your go-to study tip for an upcoming exam? My go-to-study tip is studying my notes first and then calling up others to study with them because they might have written down something I forgot to write.

What else are you involved in at Servite? At Servite, I am the president of S.I.G.N (Service in Gods Name) club, this is a club where every Saturday we help people with developmental disabilities play sports like basketball and soccer. I am also an assistant priory for the second year in a row.

What's your biggest motivation that keeps you striving to be the best student-athlete you can be? My parents are my biggest motivation to be the best student-athlete I can be. They do everything for me and pay for me to go to high school. They always do whatever it takes to go to all of my basketball games for all four years. Most importantly, my parents want me to succeed academically and I don't want to let them down.

Current Courses: AP Environmental Science, CP Calculus, CP Sports Medicine, AP Government, AP Literature, CP Critical Reflections

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