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Karlie Carlson

By Manny Alvarez
Photo Credit: Mike Ortiz '13

This week it came down to a two-man race, so to speak, between the Los Alamitos Locos and Servite Asylum.

And after a long review of Friday night’s action in the stands and scrolling through social media posts for photos and videos, I decided that the OCVarsity Student Section champion for Week 7 is … The Asylum.

The Asylum, who received the Manny Challenge last week to step up their social media game, came in with a bunch of support and was ready to go Friday when they faced Mater Dei at Santa Ana Stadium in the annual Friars vs. Monarchs rivalry game.

It was also Coach Troy Thomas theme night for the Asylum, and they rocked sleeveless, white button-up shirts and black ties, and they even put in a hard pregame workout before entering the stadium to battle with the Mater Dei Den.

The Asylum quickly went to a 10 and stayed there the entire night.

“This is a classic rivalry in the Trinity League,” The Asylum said in a statement. “The Asylum showed up in big numbers and we couldn’t be any happier. No matter the score we will always be there to support our brothers. We are doing big things this year. Don’t sleep on us. Thank you to Manny for the Manny Challenge. We showed you up! Sko Friars!!”

I like my words medium rare … delicious!

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