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Stephen Walswick '02

Many experts agree that single-gender schools benefit students. Dr. Abigail James makes that assertion in her book Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel and Learn in School. An education at an all-boys school could prove to be the most significant gift you ever offer your son because of the lasting effects it will have on your son’s character, his success, and his future.

Servite High School celebrates the strength, the integrity, and the faith of young Catholic men and the critical role each one may play in our society. We treat our responsibility as a sacred calling, and in the pursuit of that calling, we focus on three key areas of formation.


First, a Servite education combines spiritual and ethical development to give our young men ample opportunity to practice their faith in an active and profound manner.  Throughout the process of building their faith here at Servite, we ask our boys to filter everything they do through the lens of our four Formation Themes. Servite students evaluate their lives and their faith according to the Centrality of Christ, the Primacy of Faith, the Necessity of the Other, and the Mastery of Self.  Further, they do so under the vision of the Servite Founders: brotherhood, service, and a strong devotion to Mary, the Blessed Mother.

Second, Servite challenges young men to fulfill their intellectual and academic capacity to the utmost. We offer young men a targeted instructional program that deliberately takes into consideration how boys learn best. A few years ago, we invited Dr. Abigail James, a noted expert in all-male education, to share her ideas regarding the unique learning needs of boys. Employing her research, we strive to cater our instruction to their unique needs every day in every classroom. Active engagement, movement, peer interaction, purposeful use of technology, relational teaching, and healthy competition all characterize our approach to the education of young men.  Boys will be boys, and we’ve accumulated a long and successful history of educating Catholic boys.

Third, we challenge Servite students to develop the personal and social capabilities to become tomorrow’s Catholic leaders.  Servite provides an environment that is at once both Christ-centered and values-driven.  We have made lasting impressions on our young men. Our alumni testify that Servite has changed their lives.

Class of 2022 Baccalaureate Mass

Our lofty goal at Servite has been and will always be to form faith-filled leaders. To accomplish that goal, we must challenge our young men intellectually; we must give them ample opportunity to actively and profoundly practice their faith; and we must push them to strive for their personal best in all they do. Servite students forge a deep and lasting brotherhood, starting with Freshman Formation Weekend, strengthened by shared experiences in and out of these hallways, and culminating in the Baccalaureate Mass as the class gathers for the last time their senior year. At Servite, we believe that, though high school lasts only four years, this Servite brotherhood of faith lasts a lifetime.

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