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Karlie Carlson

Justin Espiritu '20 has been selected the Hoag Orthopedic Institute Athlete of the Week! 

“Justin is a passionate young man who has the talent and drive to accomplish anything he wants to in life. I have enjoyed working with him for the past four years and believe he has enriched the lives of all his teammates and coaches,” shares his tennis coach, Coach Jugo.

Not only does he excel on the tennis courts, but also in the classroom by graduating at the top 10 of his class with a 4.7 GPA. Additionally, Justin is a member of the California Student Federation, National Honors Society, Priory Leadership, and the Trinity Corporation Leadership. He also spent two summers in China for a Mandarin Leadership Program through Servite’s Summer Intensive Language Program.

Justin will be continuing his studies at LMU with the goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon in the future.

“From an early age, science has always stuck out and made sense to me. I find it interesting how life and everything all around us is all interconnected through all kinds of systems. As I grew older, I played all different kinds of sports and fell in love with them. When I got closer to high school, I decided to focus on tennis since it was not just a physical challenge, but a mental challenge. To bridge my two passions of sports and science, I saw a future career option in orthopedics where I could deal with athletes and others that need help with their physical being,” shares Justin.

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