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This past week we celebrated the annual tradition of Catholic Schools' Week. Around the nation, we joined all other Catholic schools in celebrating what makes our schools unique along with highlighting teachers, students, parents, and volunteers involved in our community here at Servite. Each day is important as we highlight your parish, the Servite community, our students, our alumni, vocations, faculty and staff, and families.

Sunday: We celebrated your home parish. We love that our Servite community comes from all over Southern California. Our Friars are strong members of their parish and actively participate in their parish community. We remember the formation theme of Primacy of Faith as we celebrate the start of this week.

Monday: We focused on community. A central aspect of Catholic education is learning the importance of service to others. When Servite Friars take part in service activities they demonstrate the values and faith they gain through their education and gain an appreciation for how they can continue to serve others throughout their lives.

Tuesday: We recognized our students. Of course, the most important aspect of our school is our students. Today we reflected on the formation theme of Mastery of Self. Through our formation program, our students look to better themselves to become the best version of themselves and who God calls them to be.

Wednesday: At the midpoint of the week we celebrated our alumni. We are extremely proud of the dedication and value they bring to Servite High School, from volunteering at freshman formation weekend to Priory period. Our alumni are a constant source of support for our faith-filled leaders!

Thursday: Celebrating vocations and how finding our vocation is a journey. Alumnus Eddie Huber, is on his own vocation journey during seminary school:

"Create a space for you to be able to be present with God, and the people around you so we can help each other grow and move each other towards holiness."

-Eddie Huber ’12

Friday: We celebrated our faculty and staff with a message from Principal Walswick:

“We don't always understand why God calls us to certain vocations or ministries, but we believe in his divine providence and have faith that the work we do in forming faith-filled leaders will bear great fruit. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our students and for sharing a "Real Presence" with all of them. We pray that you will continue to find great joy and fulfillment in your ministry here at Servite. We are grateful that you have seriously committed to offering a concrete witness of formation and our Christian life. May God continue to bless and guide you as you grow in his love and grace.”

Saturday: We concluded Catholic Schools' Week, and thanked the families of our Servite community. Countless hours of volunteering and contributions make Servite unique and special for all those who are part of our community.

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