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Servite is committed to providing accurate and transparent information regarding COVID-19 cases on our campus, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality for our students and staff. The data below represents the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among faculty, staff, and students. This data will be updated regularly and as cases are confirmed.

As of 09/21/2021 Population Number Current Confirmed Cases Current Confirmed Cases % of Population



138 1 0.72% 3
Students 797 0 0% 23
9th 226 0 0% 7
10th 178 0 0% 3
11th 216 0 0% 8
12th 177 0 0% 5
TOTAL: 935 1 0.11% 26



AUGUST 12, 2021

Dear Servite Community,

We are so excited to welcome students back to campus this week. We will strive to provide a full Servite experience for every student. 

We have a few reminders to share with you in the interest of keeping our Servite community safe and healthy

If your son has symptoms or is being tested for COVID-19, please notify Jennifer Gutierrez, School Nurse, immediately.

Campus Protocols:

  • By entering campus, you confirm that you and/or your son are symptom free and have not been exposed to COVID.

  • Masks must be worn indoors while on campus and are optional outdoors.

  • Please keep your son home if he shows any symptoms of illness for his health and the health of the community. This means no class, no sports, and no activities.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are provided in hallways, classrooms, around the lunch tables and throughout campus as well.  They should be utilized on the way in and out of classrooms and before eating. 

  • The bathrooms are being sanitized throughout the day.

  • Students should not share food or drinks.

COVID-19 protocols and guidelines can be found on our website at OCHCA, in conjunction with UCI and CHOC Pediatricians and OC School Nurses, has developed a Student Symptom Decision Tree. This will be our beacon in determining when students, with even just one symptom, will be sent home and when they can return to campus.

If you have COVID-19 related concerns, questions, or believe your son needs to be tested, CHOC has established a toll-free number for your convenience. You can speak with a nurse who will triage your questions and determine if your son needs a telehealth appointment and/or testing. It is free, regardless of insurance. Call 1-844-GET CHOC.

I want you to know that confidentiality will be maintained if your son tests positive for COVID-19 at any time. Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma with COVID-19 positive cases. Not being forthright about symptoms your son is experiencing or positive test results could result in an unnecessary outbreak on campus.  For the safety of others, please notify me immediately if your son tests positive, exhibits symptoms or is exposed to COVID.

Please keep your student home if he exhibits any COVID symptoms not related to an underlying medical condition.

Covid-19 symptoms

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath of difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle of body aches
  • Headache 
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Diarrhea