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School Logos

The Servite High School logo is comprised of a symbol (the shield) and a word-mark. The shield is an essential part of our history and was designed to evoke confidence and strength. The shield incorporates the letter S and M to symbolize The Order of Friar Servants of Mary. The word-mark is entirely custom to Servite and has been designed with strong angles to mimic the design of the shield. The symbol and word-mark are paired together to create a logo that is reflective of both athletics and academics.

There are three approved configurations of the Servite High School logo. Their usage depends on the spatial needs of any given application. Use the configuration that best optimizes the visual weight and legibility of the logo.


Horizontal (Primary)

The horizontal logo is preferred and should be used whenever possible.



If the horizontal logo doesn't work well within the space available, the vertical orientation may be used instead.



In instances where the use of the full logo is impractical, the shield may be used.


Extended Horizontal
(limited use)

This version should be used only on a limited basis, and only when space does not allow for the use of the primary logo.

Color Variations

We have established a set number of color variations for our logo. Below are the only approved color combinations. To ensure brand consistency, never reproduce the logo in any other colors.

These color variations are available for all school logo configurations except the extended horizontal.




Full-Color Reverse

Full-Color Reverse  —  Gold High School

Incorrect Usage

Our logos must be used correctly to ensure that their visual impact and integrity are not diluted or compromised. Always use approved logos. These following examples illustrate a range of incorrect uses, but should not be considered a complete illustration of the possibilities.

1. Do not bevel or extrude the logo.

2. Do not stretch or reconfigure the logo in any way.

3. Do not reposition elements of the logo.

4. Do not recolor the logo in any way.

5. Do not misuse the reverse version of our logo. The middle of the shield should always be black.

6. Do not place the logo on backgrounds that compromise its legibility.

7. Do not use the logo at a slant. 

8. Do not apply drop shadows or other effects that compromise its legibility.

9. Always adhere to clear space guidelines. Do not align text or graphics too close to the logo. This is unacceptable and hinders the legibility and prominence of the logo.

10. Do not use the shield in place of a letter. This confuses brand messaging.


Clear space is the relation of the logo to surrounding elements. Always keep clear space in mind when using the logo.

The logo should be given an amount of space on each side, equal to at least the cap height of the word "SERVITE", no matter what size scale the logo is being used.


Cap height = clear space

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, these are the minimum size requirements of our logo in both print and on-screen applications. Please do not reproduce our logos smaller than the minimum size.



.875 inches

0.3335 inches


104 px at 72 dpi

41 px at 72 dpi