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Color Palette & Fonts

Colors are a critical element of the Servite High School visual system. The approved colors help build strong recognition and awareness. The more consistently used, the more people will come to associate them with Servite High School.

Primary colors should take the lead in the vast majority of communication pieces and be used most prominently. The secondary colors are meant to be supportive, but should never overpower our primary colors.

Please incorporate both the primary colors and secondary colors precisely in the shades shown here to ensure consistency.


Four-color process printing:

  • Rich black – The rich black build we recommend is 60, 40, 40, 100. Use rich black when printing four-color process to produce a deeper black tone in large, solid areas of black. Rich black should not be used on small type or fine rules as it can cause a misregister or for the type to plug up and lose fine detail.
  • True Black – For small details use true black at 0, 0, 0, 100.

Screen Printing:

  • Ink - When screen printing, every effort should be made to color match the ink to our official Pantone colors. A sample can be provided to assist in this effort.


  • Thread - When embroidering, every effort should be made to color match the thread to our official Pantone colors. A sample can be provided to assist in this effort.
  • A few common thread colors are Golden Tan 5870, Marathon RAYON Thread 1338, and Salus AR399.


Secondary Colors

Secondary colors can be used to complement your brand identity for both digital and print purposes only. These secondary colors have been thoughtfully selected to maintain a harmonious visual presence while allowing the primary brand colors to remain dominant. Secondary colors are designed to play a supportive role, enriching your brand's visual palette without overpowering it. To ensure cohesion and balance, these colors should not occupy more than 30% of the overall design space.


Color Usage

The following graph helps demonstrate the relative ratio of color usage within the Servite High School color palette. Black, white and gold are the foundation of our palette. The secondary/tint colors are used sparingly.

FONT Overview

Fonts play a crucial role in brand guidelines because they are a fundamental element of visual communication that significantly influences how a brand is perceived. Our four approved fonts are DIN Pro, Roboto, Edo, and Credo. Consistent and appropriate use of these fonts will ensure a cohesive and recognizable brand identity across all communication materials.

  • Typeface: Din Pro
  • Characteristics: DIN Pro belongs to the sans-serif category of fonts, which means it lacks the decorative strokes (serifs) found in serif fonts. The style of DIN Pro is clean, simple, and modern, characterized by straight lines and geometric shapes. The font's letterforms have a uniform thickness, lending it a mechanical and industrial appearance.
  • Usage: Din Pro is recommended for primary use. You can use this font to generate the bulk of text in a digital or print piece. This font can also be used as a complementary font when using Credo.

FF Din Pro can be purchased for use here.

Within Google Apps (docs, slides, sheets etc.) the font Roboto may be used.

  • Typeface: EDO
  • Characteristics: Edo font is a script typeface that draws inspiration from traditional calligraphy and brush lettering. Its style is characterized by flowing and interconnected letterforms, as if written by hand with a brush or pen. The strokes have a dynamic and organic quality, with variations in thickness that mimic the natural movement of writing.
  • Usage: Edo is for digital & print use only, it should not be used for apparel. It is recommended to be used for a header or to call attention to a specific tagline.

Edo can be downloaded here.

  • Typeface: Credo
  • Characteristics: Credo font is a custom font designed exclusively for Servite High School.
  • Usage: Credo can be used across all platforms; print, digital, and apparel. It is primarily used to call attention to a specific sport, club, department or activity.

Credo can be downloaded here.


Sample Layout 1 : Din & Roboto

Consistent hierarchy in type creates easy-to-read layouts and is ideal when trying to establish a strong brand look and feel. These sample layouts will help us to stay the course.