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Brand Guidelines

These brand guidelines were created to guide the procedures for branding and external communication. The Communications & Marketing Department assists the school in articulating its message and informs the public of the achievements and academic accomplishments of Servite students, faculty, staff, co-curricular programs and school wide events. Through a comprehensive program that includes media relations, print publications, electronic communications and the school website, a variety of audiences are reached on an ongoing basis.

Please note: Servite logos, phrasing, themes and slogans are the property of Servite High School. Use is permitted only with the express written consent and approval of Servite High School and the Communications & Marketing Department. All publications, documents, digital assets, and any other items that use Servite messaging or branding must be approved before development begins. No items should be created, published, printed, or distributed in any way without express written consent from the Communications & Marketing Department.


Servite High School is a Catholic preparatory school which accepts young men of all religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Recognizing that parents are primary educators, we develop faith-filled leaders through an intentional and multidisciplinary formation process founded upon the Catholic Faith and the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servite Friars).


“Credo Ut Intelligam” (I believe so that I may understand)

Credo means “I believe.” Whether Christian, other religion, agnostic or atheist, life always begins with and requires an act of faith. Credo is the starting point for everything we do at Servite. The full motto is often shortened to just “Credo”, especially on letterhead, apparel, signs and other Servite merchandise. 

Brand Tone

The brand tone or "tone of voice" does not have to do with what we say, but how we say it. It encompasses the words we choose to include and exclude. It also includes word order, rhythm, pace, and personality. Below is an example of the tone in paragraph form:

"We create a unique experience where young men are challenged, encouraged, and supported in their journey to adulthood. We provide an environment that allows them to explore their talents and interests and develop a deep sense of brotherhood. We're committed to developing the whole person, guiding young men to become the greatest version of themselves."

Servite's Only Statement

WHAT: Orange County's only all-boys Catholic High School 

HOW: That uses strong academics, formation, athletics, and a range of extracurricular opportunities 

WHO: To develop boys into confident, faith-filled leaders

WHERE: In Orange County 

WHY: To become the men God is calling them to be 

WHEN: In an era of diminishing morality and value placed on family, brotherhood and community

Servite is Orange County’s only all-boys Catholic High School, empowering students to become confident and lifelong faith-filled leaders.