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Important Dates

Last Updated June 27, 2020

May 7              Hand Out Senior Graduation Announcements 9:00am-11:00am
May 8              Senior Virtual Retreat TBA
May 11            Math Challenge Exam (Virtual)
May 12            Spanish Challenge exam (Virtual)
May 11-22       AP Testing (virtual and at each students home)
May 15            Virtual Student Talent Show 7pm (Facebook/YouTube)
May 22            Last day of 4th quarter/second semester (2019-2020 school year)
May 23            CIF Dead Weeks Begins (14 days)
May 27            Senior Awards (will be pre-recorded and virtual) 7:00pm
May 28            Spring NCAA Signing Day 11:00am SHS Gym
May 28            Athletic Awards Ceremony 12:00pm SHS Gym
May 28-29       Senior Only Business Day (Yearbooks, Handout Caps and Gowns, Computer Collection, textbook/library book return) 9:00am-3:00pm SHS
June 1             Grade 11 Business Day - Handout 11 grade yearbooks, textbook/library book return  9:00am-11:00am SHS
June 2             Grade 10 Business Day - Handout 10 grade yearbooks textbook/library book return 9:00am-11:00am SHS
June 3             Grade 9 Business Day - Handout 9 grade yearbooks  textbook/library book return  9:00am-11:00am SHS
June 5             CIF Dead Weeks End
June 8             Geometry Challenge (format pending)
June 24           Graduation

Summer School
June 1-July 17            Advancement (These dates have been changed.)
June 11-July 16          Remediation
June 15-July 16          Freshman Academy (both enrichment and advancement)

Freshman Formation Weekend
August 7-8

Football Camp
July 26-July 29 or 30

Leadership Summit
The leadership summit is currently schedule at or around July 17-July 22.  The location is to be determined. Most likely it will be held at SHS.

Faculty Return to School/Faculty Retreat and In-Service/Student Orientations 
August 3-7

First Day of School 2020-2021
August 31


Virtual AP Testing
AP Testing is right around the corner (May 11-22). If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Anspach.

Virtual Talent Show
This event will be held on May 15.  If you are interested in participating or have any questions, contact Mr. Ronan.

Last Day of School
The last day of school will be May 22.  Since there will be no finals this year, we thought it best to end the school year aligned to AP testing.

Senior Awards
The Senior Awards will be held virtually on May 27.  Ms. Recknor and Mrs. Valenzuela will be sending information via email about this event.

NCAA Signing Day and Athletic Awards
These events are scheduled for May 28.  If these events pertain to you, you will be receiving an email from the athletic department. If you do not receive and email and are concerned, please contact Miss Carlson.

Senior Only Business Day 
This will be May 28 and May 29.  On this day, you will receive your yearbook, caps/gowns and return your computers/textbooks/library books.  You will receive an email from Mrs. Watanabe explaining which date you are schedule and a time.

Second Semester Grades
Second semester grades will be as follows:
Third Quarter:            55% of grade
Fourth Quarter:          45% of grade

Each student/family will have the choice of choosing a letter grade or Pass/No Pass for all courses. A student/family cannot choose a combination of both. This decision was made by the administrative team after a lot of research, meetings with the curriculum council and consultation with the NCAA and UC Board. The counseling department (Mrs. Recknor) will be sending an email to each student/family providing information about these choices and the impact it may or may not have. This way you are able to make the best choice for your individual situation.