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Servite High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school for boys located in Anaheim, California. Offering world class academic, extracurricular, and formation programs, we make a better world by forming the next generation of leaders. Servite High School develops students through a formation process informed by the Catholic faith and the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary.




Servite is more than a school – it’s a place where young men are shaped into faith-filled, intellectual, confident leaders with knowledge, wisdom, and character for success in college and life. We develop what is innate inside them, reinforce values taught at home, and help each student become the man God has called him to be. 




One of the most important aspects of choosing a high school is knowing you will be welcomed and included for who you are and part of something larger than yourself. The Servite brotherhood is a tangible, intentional, and unique quality that sets us apart from any other school. Together in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the theater, students are united by a special bond of brotherhood that will last forever. 



Mission Statement

Servite High School is a Catholic preparatory school which accepts young men of all religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Recognizing that parents are primary educators, we develop faith-filled leaders through an intentional and multidisciplinary formation process founded upon the Catholic Faith and the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servite Friars).


Philosophy Statement

Progress becomes true progress only if it serves the human person and if the human person grows: not only in terms of his or her technical power, but also

in his or her moral awareness. I believe that the real problem of our historical moment lies in the imbalance between the incredibly fast growth of our technical power and that of our moral capacity, which has not grown in proportion. That’s why the formation of the human person is the true recipe, the key to it all, I would say, and this is what the Church proposes.
Benedict XVI, Interview, 2006.

Servite High School formation is the process by which a Friar becomes the person he has been called to be by God. The formation process is concerned with the complete human person and, consequently, is driven by a single question: “Who am I?” Without intentional, systematic formation, the person’s human and spiritual development is without proper concern for the unique vocation that God has called the Friar to fulfill.

In The Catholic School, the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education (SCCE) reminds us that, “The school must begin from the principle that its educational program is intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person.” An educational program directed in this way requires attention to the fundamental components within each student: the body and the soul. More specifically, the soul is comprised of the intellect and the will. Thus, “whole person” involves three principle components understood as follows:

  • The body is the vehicle which gathers information from and responds to the world around us.
  • The intellect organizes and interprets the information gathered.
  • The will is the ability to choose how to use the gathered information.

Properly used, the intellect arranges the gathered information in such a way that truth is discovered. Once truth is discovered, one can choose to act in accordance with truth, or contrary to it. Goodness is choosing to act according to what we know is true and thus right. The will is our ability to make that choice.

Servite High School believes it is vital to place proportionate emphasis on the development of the body, intellect and will. An imbalance in this regard results in information being inadequately gathered, poorly processed, or improperly applied. Therefore, in an effort to direct the formation of the whole Friar in a balanced, intentional and systematic way, Servite High School has developed a formation process that culminates in leadership.

Within the context of formation, teaching is not limited to the classroom experience. All members of the faculty and staff play an active role as teachers and guides in the formation of every student. The importance of each member’s active and proper participation cannot be overstated. As the SCCE reminds us in The Catholic School on the Verge of the Third Millennium:

“Teaching has an extraordinary moral depth and is one of man's most excellent and creative activities, for the teacher does not write on inanimate material, but on the very spirits of human beings. The personal relations between the teacher and the students, therefore, assume an enormous importance and are not limited simply to giving and taking. Moreover, we must remember that teachers and educators fulfill a specific Christian vocation and share an equally specific participation in the mission of the Church, to the extent that it depends chiefly on them whether the Catholic school achieves its purpose.”

Thus, every component of the school experience provides a unique and vital element in each student’s formation. The whole Friar is formed and affected by every activity and relationship that comprises his unique Servite experience.

Bearing all of this in mind, Servite High School forms faith-filled leaders, Friars who embrace Christ, love Christ, imitate Christ, live Christ, and be Christ, so as to draw others to Christ.

Integral Student Outcomes

Spiritual and Ethical Formation

A Servite High School graduate is a leader who, through a deliberate process of formation:

  • Develops his body, intellect and will through participation in a college preparatory curriculum, liturgical and service experiences and team based activities.
  • Accepts religious, ethnic and cultural diversity and works collaboratively with others in accordance with Catholic social teaching.
  • Acknowledges his relationship with God and lives in a Christ-like manner as demonstrated through participation in prayer, liturgy, sacraments, counsel, retreat experiences and Christian service.
  • Understands, respects and applies the teachings of the Catholic Church and the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary (fraternity, service and devotion to Mary).
  • Knows and lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ and recognizes that God calls every person into a relationship with God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • Demonstrates, in word and deed, the Centrality of Christ.

Academic and Intellectual Formation

A Servite High School graduate is a leader who, through a deliberate process of formation:

  • Develops a lifelong desire for learning that culminates in wisdom.
  • Demonstrates mastery of the academic curriculum in order to succeed in post-secondary education.
  • Exhibits intellectual maturity by evaluating multifaceted challenges and opportunities and creating innovative solutions.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in the use of current technologies relevant to higher education and the workplace.
  • Develops insight into Sacred Scripture so as to find personal meaning.
  • Gains the knowledge of humanity which fosters a reverence for life.
  • Demonstrates, in word and deed, the Primacy of Faith.

Personal and Social Formation

A Servite High School graduate is a leader who, through a deliberate process of formation:

  • Communicates effectively and respectfully with persons and groups from diverse backgrounds.
  • Emulates the Blessed Mother in her example at the foot of the Cross.
  • Lives life whereby the Gospel of Christ is the motivating power that guides his behavior.
  • Understands and applies the ethical and legal use of technology.
  • Demonstrates, in word and deed, Mastery of Self and Necessity of the Other.
  • Embraces Christ, loves Christ, imitates Christ, lives Christ and is Christ, so as to draw others to Christ.

WCEA Accreditation Report

Please CLICK HERE to view the WCEA Accredidation Report.

In the 2012-2013 Review Year Servite received a 6 year accreditation with a one day visit and 3rd year report.  This is one of the highest terms a school can receive.